Curly wurly


Not just a medal at the Olympics for Britain, but a gold medal, the top one for an individual, surely some mistake.

What’s it been, 30 years since an individual medal, and this is the first for a real sport, not one for fannying about to music covered in sequins. Yeah a proper Winter Olympic sport, one where the person chucks themselves down an ice track with no protection but a crash hat and an all-in-one novelty condom outfit. This one adding the tea tray on which you chuck yourself down face first at speeds approaching 150kph or 93mph. All with probably all the financial backing that wouldn’t keep our useless track & field “stars” in bling.

It’s funny throughout the whole of the BBC coverage before Thursday night (GMT) all they talked about was Shelley Rudman, her partner, her kid, her parents, her partner’s parents, never even saw Amy Williams. Until that first run when she destroyed the track record. It was her track.

Good that Kanucks were wining and whinging after their golden girl ended up without a medal. They’ve done everything to make sure they “own the podium”, maybe it would have worked better if they’d only had the 30 runs down the track, like the rest of the world, not the 300 plus.

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