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blog posts yesterday.

I didn’t have the time to post about Howard Webb’s latest attempts to derail Spurs on Saturday.

I suppose we just have to count ourselves lucky that the opposition was only Blackburn. I mean if it had been ManUre, or the Woolwich Wanderers or Chelski or Pugwash’s Scousers then it could have been worse for ‘Arry and the lads.

Yup if it had been any of the Sky Big 4 then no doubt he would have given Gareth Bale a straight red for the outrages way he was tripped in the penalty box and didn’t keep on his feet without a leg to stand on. Thus depriving us of our best player so far in the calendar year 2010. The little Welsh Planet Of The Apes extra was again outstanding, bombing down the wing completely destroying the admittedly ageing Blackburn fullback Michel Salgado. Just imagine if Lennon was fit and on the other wing, that’ll be a sight to behold.

Anyway back to the most important man on the pitch, after all that’s who the paying punters in the crowd and those viewing on TV have come to watch. He could have chalked off the first goal because well it was Defoe and he’s offside often enough, might as well just flag for it every time he touches the ball. He might have disallowed the second because well technically the ‘keeper saved it.

Samba’s header was given of course. Climbing? Never heard of it, not in my rule book.

Pav’s second, Spurs’ third, why did he give that? I really don’t know, I mean Pavlyuchenko had already had one attempt at it, why should he be allowed another in the same phase of play. Then the ref lost himself for a moment and didn’t give what would have been Blackburn’s second by Kalinic, maybe again because it was just Blackburn or it might have been a goal and Dawson red carded for making Kalinic bring the ball under control with his hand.

Great news that Tom Huddlestone has signed a new five year deal a very much under appreciated player at the club. And speaking of great passes – were we? Yes, we were – you look at the distribution of Dawson against Blackburn and ask yourself why isn’t he in Fabio’s England setup when the likes of Upson and Lescott are.

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