Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-04-11

  • Dear god I didn't realise I had Sux tweeters on my follow list, something will have to be done about that… #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — chris kamara misses sending off at portsmouth. #
  • That was a bright idea completely buggering up that HTML-kit plugin I'd written to save me time… #
  • Nope I don't believe any baseball game took part last night, if I don't twitter or blog about it then it didn't happen… #
  • @justin_design I can't hear you lalalalalalala </fingers in ears> lalalalalala in reply to justin_design #
  • @justin_design That is true, don't think it would go with CC's baggy trousers in reply to justin_design #
  • Boo! For Pedophilia Double-Standards #
  • "I worry that by this sustained excoriation of Corden we have allowed Russell Howard to slip in under the radar." #
  • How long will Gordon Brown's marriage of convenience last after the end of his political career ends in a month? #
  • @yawnerddn Now would I suggest he was dishonest about such things? in reply to yawnerddn #
  • Now I do like the sound of that – Schecter Hellcat VI #
  • PixelZoomer – Firefox extension with zoom, measure tool and eye dropper – very helpful add-on – #
  • 1st question that should be asked in the leaders debates – who is the chairman of the debate going to vote for – just for clarity #
  • It just won't bloody work……………………….. #
  • @rutty_uk 😀 It would be the only thing Id have in common with Pele… in reply to rutty_uk #
  • Gibson ES335 Dot Neck 1961 Original – very nice indeed but at £34k just a little out of my price range – #
  • Nick Clegg only really there because he ain't a drunk ginger Jock, a geriatric Jock or – that we know – paid a rent boy to shit on him… #
  • ah it only works with old versions of jquery ui, now that's handy… #
  • Gonna be an ugly legal fight between Lenny Henry and Dawn French to see who gets custody of the fridge. #
  • £5,169 per second, £310,212 per minute, £18,607,306 per hour, £446,575,342 per day… #
  • Looking at STV Scotland's Greatest Team the Jocks have had some truly great players and still couldn't get past the 1st round of tournaments #
  • But how have STV left out Dave Mackay and John White? #
  • I believe it's now off for some penne and gravy #
  • Every time I switched on The Masters last night there was Tiger Woods followed shortly by Peter Allis saying "a little swinger" #
  • Sex Pistols – just another talentless boy band #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Screamin Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You #
  • Who shouldn't be allowed to stand for public office: 1) lawyers 2) those that hear or talk to god 3) short arses 4) career politicians #
  • Noted fantasist Heather Mills backs the LibDems – says it all really… #
  • Was it Robbie Keane's boyhood dream to lose a cup semi-final to a bunch of teuchters? #
  • Oh well 5th in the National, good job I had the bet with Tote #
  • Funny how Howard Webb always gets the big decisions wrong in favour of the "big teams", very strange that… #
  • Hmmm didn't win that reissue vintage Rat, should have just bought that original one all those years back… #
  • Today's Tweets are brought to you by Ricardo Julio Villa – – #COYS #
  • Nowt worse than the LibDums claiming the high ground. – "party funding is a corrupt system – that we're happy to use to take stolen money" #
  • @JimbobOH But I doubt you would be able to carry off that Miami Vice bad guy hairdo so convincingly in reply to JimbobOH #
  • @JimbobOH Ah but you'd never win a foul if you can't fall over 😉 in reply to JimbobOH #
  • Didn't want O'Hara to go out on loan, now want him to fuck right off #COYS #
  • @johnprescott Notice you don't say it isn't true, can't even you lie about that? in reply to johnprescott #

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