Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-05-23

  • Have to admit I never really liked any of Dio's stuff, only own one album with him and it's a Thomsun Original so doesn't technically count #
  • cform ain't half acting weird #
  • The Ronnie James Dio stage at Download, that'll be a bit cramped then. #
  • Sod this for a game of soldiers the beach is calling… #
  • Nephew: But if you won the lottery what about the begging letters? Uncle: Oh I'd keep sending them. #
  • Sun is shining but the sea is still just a touch parky #
  • I'm being spammed from India by someone using cform #
  • @yawnerddn 😀 It was the socks that gave it away, wasn't it? in reply to yawnerddn #
  • Papsmear comes up negative – – it couldn't happen to a nicer guy – 😀 #
  • @yawnerddn Damn, I thought the hat was a good enough disguise, it does show I can still pull the birds though 😉 in reply to yawnerddn #
  • @yawnerddn 😀 *taps nose* 😉 in reply to yawnerddn #
  • What a fucking soft touch this country is. #
  • Ah spam has moved from India to the Lebanon #
  • Today's sea report: Bloody freezing. #
  • A lot less painful just learning the fretboard – #
  • @Fenderuk Are they free?? in reply to Fenderuk #
  • Today's sea report: Variable – from warm to toe curling, calf tightenly bloody freezing #
  • Wouldn't it be funny if Diane Abbott was the next Labour leader, I bet Gordon is wishing for it, it would see him relegated to second worst. #
  • I kinda wanted that ReezaFRATzitz #
  • £300k for the second ever Mrrshall amp, just a bit beyond my pocket at the mo – #
  • Catalinbread Pareidolia Harmonic Mesmerizer, sounds cool, as does that twin – #
  • @gibsonlifestyle The '52 Gold Top, without a doubt in reply to gibsonlifestyle #
  • @yawnerddn You do wonder how some people manage to stay alive in reply to yawnerddn #
  • @wavecrestglen Well he'd be third behind Gordy and Diane in reply to wavecrestglen #
  • Now we know who they are, they can be tagged and the iPhone app can be used to avoid them – #
  • Was it your son or daughter giving birth to your grandchild? – #
  • Could Ed Balls not even get his bint to stand by him when he announced his leadership bid? #
  • @yawnerddn I god do hope this turns out to be true – 😉 #
  • @yawnerddn Couldn't you have a whip round? in reply to yawnerddn #
  • I believe only myself along with Johnny & Edgar Winter could have "too much sun" in Jockland in May. #
  • It didn't take long for me to be outbid on that D*A*M Meathead #
  • Gimme Shelter may be the Stones' greatest by Sympathy For The Devil runs it a close second #
  • @rutty_uk Have the locals even heard of the phone? in reply to rutty_uk #
  • @rutty_uk Yeah and the extra fingers wouldn't be an advantage either 😉 in reply to rutty_uk #
  • Ellie "more champers" Gellard & Bercow's dim bint back Ed Balls – pretty much says it all really for his campaign. #
  • "Brown, who was unopposed for the Labour leadership in 2007, spent £220,000 on his campaign" – I wonder why the country is in such debt #
  • @yawnerddn That sounds like a win win situation from here 😉 in reply to yawnerddn #
  • Don't you buggers know I actually wanted both of those pedals. #

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