Does anyone want to play for England

at the World Cup?

Going by these last two audition warm up games then the answer is a clear no.

Given a final chance to shine, to stick their hand up and say “hey Fabio pick me” there’s only been three players that have gone any way to doing so in 180 minutes. And two were certain to go the third is very likely.

So two of them were goalkeepers, Green against Mexico and Joe Hart, with some cracking saves, yesterday against Japan in Graz. Another atrocious game with again a hugely flattering scoreline, thank you Japan for the equaliser and winner and dropping off in the second half.

Given the chance to claim a spot the only outfielder to put his case was Joe Cole. I’ve been critical of the Chelski player, and his stupid tongue out retarded face but at least he showed up. He seemed to realise that there was a chance he could miss out and did something about it.

Huddlestone also had that chance, now he wasn’t as atrocious as the media types would have you believe because he was basically abandoned by those around him. Where was Lampard in that first half? England can’t manage with just two in the middle, teams just swamp and play through us and when teat central pair is cut by half that individual hasn’t a hope in hell. But saying that he still didn’t have a good game and didn’t take his chance, the best that could be said was he wasn’t as bad as Carrick.

Darren Bent, thank god he did what everyone really expected of him. He is not an international, never has been, never will be. Goals in the premier League are in reality no indication of the class of a striker. Darren Bent or David Brent as the scoreboard seemed to think highlights that there a lies, damn lies and statistics.

Theo Walcott, was given a great opportunity, and again failed miserably. All he has is pace and he never really even used that. He can’t be taken, there is no place for him, one hat-trick ages doesn’t make him the automatic right winger. And it’s not as if he didn’t see much of the ball, during that first half it must have been a 90/10% split for stuff that came down the right. Lennon barely got a sniff, should have scored the chance he was given and then when he was switched to the right after Walnut’s exit, it all came down the left.

Ever since Lennon came into the side there seems to be a reluctance to actually give him the ball, as if certain individuals don’t want to be overshadowed.

But can this reluctance for the fringe player to state their case be down to one thing? The first main problem.

Fabio stated that he had pretty much picked the 23 he is taking to South Africa before the game. So that was that. No point putting yourself out when the choice has already been made. Also makes a joke of those in the media claiming that so-and-so won’t be going because he never got a game.

The horrible sight that greeted us in the second half brought glee to the eyes of some, some that either wank themselves over certain players or others that just don’t get it even though they’ve seen it with their own eyes over the years. What do we expect from those that claim Rooney was man of the match against Japan.

A central midfield pairing of Lampard and Gerrard. Yes the pair that failed at Euro ’04 the last World Cup and failed to get us to the last Euros. Back together again and here is the other main problem.

Fabio picks the best eleven players – or to be more accurate what he thinks are the best – and then crowbars them into the system. That’s exactly what so many of his predecessors have done, such as McClown, Svennis, Keggy, Robson, Greenwood. Hoddle, Venables, Revie weren’t so strict about it.

All the way back to one particular manager.

He had a system he wanted to play because he knew it could be successful – also being a fullback he hated wingers – and then picked the right player for each position, no matter what their standing in the game or if the were the best players available.

And it’s no coincidence that England have failed since Sir Alf did it that way round.

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