R.I.P. The Boss

Seinfeld: George Steinbrenner’s “Billy Martin” Rant

George Michael Steinbrenner III.

Three and a half months into the season and only one post about baseball – damn you all to hell channel 5 – and the second one is about the death of The Boss. And I’m a bit late on that.*

Not much to say really, what can I say that hasn’t already, whether good, bad or indifferent. All I know is the Yankees are a bit better off now than when he and his cohorts paid $8.7 million for them in ’73 – where can you go now in the wolrd and not see that famous NY logo on a blue cap?

And while some fans bitch and moan about the him and the Yankees, the players they bought and traded for he was paying the luxury tax to make the Yanks winners while other team owners were just making sure their pockets were well lined. Don’t blame George because your owners have produced crap teams.

Hey I know it’s not GMS III but Larry David but a fitting tribute…

Just wish he hadn’t fired Billy that fifth and final time before a certain trip to the new old Yankee stadium in ’88.

*Also so late I never mentioned Bob Sheppard’s passing, happy I got to hear him at his job.

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