Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-07-25

  • How many guitars do you own? Well there's 5 that are complete and about another 5 you can make up from the various bits. #
  • What do you mean I can't bid on any more of your items if I've won or are winning one in a specific time period??? #
  • English county names along side the words pub and world cup in the list of thinks Americans struggle to pronounce correctly. #
  • What was Joe Cole's Capello Index rating again?? #
  • Ban the burka, there's more important issues, we have to get our priorities right people, I mean Piers Morgan is free to walk the streets. #
  • What's was Bobby Ball doing on Sky Sports News…oh…it was Kenny Hibbitt… #
  • Will Joe Cole's arrival mean that Gerrard will be shifted out of the club position we kept being told he had to play for England? #
  • @yawnerddn G-SG? in reply to yawnerddn #
  • @yawnerddn Glad I didn't talk you out of it then 😉 needs pics. in reply to yawnerddn #
  • @yawnerddn Ah snot green Klusons, nice. in reply to yawnerddn #
  • QotSA make damn good music #
  • @yawnerddn Is that what he charges you for the time spent worrying the sheep? in reply to yawnerddn #
  • I really wanted that Babyface tremolo you ratbag!!! #
  • I've favourited a YouTube video — Michael Redmond on Friday Night Live #
  • Cav winning yesterday with bronchitis, Evans riding up the Pyrenees with a broken elbow, if I hear one footballer complain about being tired #
  • I had forgotten how good Kyuss were #
  • Could really do with not feeling like crap today #
  • @davidschneider Acid rain wore it down and it disappeared up the hole in the ozone layer. in reply to davidschneider #
  • Ferrari only told Massa to let Alosno through because they couldn't put up with his whining "let me through, don't you know who I am?" #

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