Number 600

should have been another step.

Another step to wiping the name of Barry Bonds off the top of the pile. Cleaning up the list that Bonds sullied when he took the record from Aaron.

…he’s just going to be another one with an asterisk to his name.

Sad really, had his chance but those three seasons in Texas means it ain’t going to be as big a celebration if he does get to the magic 763 than it should be – three seasons at 52, 57 and 47 homers that are making it only 444 he’s hit according to some.

And that’s if he does make it. 163 to go, took him exactly three years to get this last 100, factor in natural slowing down, seems to pick up more injuries these days, his game numbers have been down the last three years, will he need 6 or more years to get the remaining bombs? Even being the youngest, at 35 years and 8 days, to reach the 600 milestone does he have the time to top the chart?

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