Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-08-22

  • I bloody hate updates, Twiter Tools now b0rked… #
  • …after retune PVR decides to drop channels at a whim, duplicate others and freeze up when you do anything involving the missing ones. #
  • It's a shame that MoTD and 2 have turned into ITV with all the useless "live & exclusive" ads and "coming up laters"… #
  • …that's when they're not trying to be Blue Peter #
  • Useless bloody thing #
  • Maybe if they weren't spending hundreds of millions on a space programme or billions on a bomb people might put their hands in their pockets #
  • Damn right I've got the blues… #
  • And finally Twitter Tools decides it can work… #
  • Does anyone organise their css classes and IDs in alphabetical order? #
  • Mark Bright is to the commentary box what Alan Shearer is to the pundit sofa. #
  • Can anyone explain why Mark Bright and Alan Shearer are still employed at the taxpayers' expense? #
  • @5livesport Congrats, last night's YB v Spurs was the worst commentary I've heard for a long time. #
  • So let me get this straight. Pakistan are allowed to cheat without any punishment and are to get their own way at all times. #
  • @yawnerddn I believe they're used by the quiet guys that are just not bright enough to handle 6 strings 😉 in reply to yawnerddn #
  • Why do you ratbags not want me to have another fuzz pedal???? #
  • If you failed your English A level apply for a job working on the BBC news website – you could "fair" well – #
  • "Page last updated at 09:50 GMT" – strange that it was "fair" in the title and copy just an hour ago approx 2pm BST – #
  • Don't know why I pre-order CDs from CD WOW they always end up being back ordered and take ages to get here. #
  • Played fantasy football wildcard already!!! #
  • Hayzeus YouTube is bloody slow today #
  • Hmmm Tweets not being Twittered #
  • How many England players finally manage to pull their finger out when their place in the team is really on the line? #
  • Hmmm yer darn tootin', I like Fig Newtons. #
  • This'll be one of these idiots that keeps out bidding me for a fuzz pedal on eBay – #
  • @aidanrad Love to see the pads for Crouchy in reply to aidanrad #
  • Don't know about Crouch up front on his tod and christ can I survive 90 minutes of Jenas poncing about #
  • @YidsNews At Palace ain't he? in reply to YidsNews #
  • Stoke have an awful lot of big players for Jenas to hide behind today #
  • When was the last time we were that lucky? #COYS #
  • Finally Crouchy did something worthwhile this afternoon #
  • Thanks for the 3 points Sepp #COYS #
  • Real good job changing the fantasy football teams, take out players who scored this week and replace them with those that did bugger all… #
  • Oh great ff 'keeper lets in the fifth… #
  • …if only it was 5… #
  • Rajendra Pachauri employs the services of Carter Ruck, what a surprise, doubt the luvvies will mention this. #
  • The T-Rex Octavius looks and sounds like a good bit of kit but then at 200 notes it should do. #

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