Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-08-29

  • B.B. King – Live At The Regal only £3.99 at, if you don't own this album there's something missing in your life… #
  • @ProTonePedals They don't seem to be able to turn the other cheek either in reply to ProTonePedals #
  • If Giggs and Scholes are so great why do they bottle out of taking so many penalties? #
  • @yawnerddn Yup, but thankfully he stopped it being 8 or 9 so I didn't actually lose any points 🙂 in reply to yawnerddn #
  • Natasha Kerplunk in the scud! Quick doctor the eye bleach! #
  • Otis Rush, haunting blues. #
  • I'm going down, down, down. Down, down. Yes, I've got my feet in the window. Got my head on the ground – #
  • Chat show Charlie ain't crossing the house he just staggered after having a few #
  • Much as I like Roy Hodgson it is fun seeing 'Pool in trouble and Gerrard up to his scummy antics #
  • I can just imagine the news tonight "Our top story: bint drops sprog" #
  • But who is the real King of the Blues, B.B., Albert or Freddie? #
  • @spursblogger Very good choice in reply to spursblogger #
  • @spursblogger It's very tough and I'd probably just go for the Velvet Bulldozer as well. in reply to spursblogger #
  • Only problem when you take the lacquer off your neck, guitars with finished necks feel horrible and you'll never… #
  • …want to go back to gloopy sticky necks – – no mention of tung oil which works really well. #
  • @yawnerddn I'd have all that ugly gloop off the back of it's neck, body wouldn't be in the bag long, now where's me Stanley blades? in reply to yawnerddn #
  • Hmm time to block some Indian I.P.s #
  • Did Pietersen give that interview because he was jealous of all the column inches Cook & Strauss were getting over their bad form? #
  • I've favourited a YouTube video — Sam and Dave live – Hold on I'm coming #
  • @bradman Not really worth the effort wondering about that in reply to bradman #
  • @bradman Though you've got me wondering what you did to piss the big flouncy tart off enough to block you in the first place 😉 in reply to bradman #
  • Don't you bloody well dare you ratbag… #
  • Can't believe it's been 20 years (yesterday), since SRV passed – #
  • Fleetwood Mac may have ended when Peter Green left but Lindsey Buckingham is still a damn fine guitarist. #
  • Would say Wigan are this seasons Hull but their 'keeper has had bugger all to do unlike Myhill #COYS #
  • It just wouldn't be Spurs without games like that #COYS #
  • @bradman Well think of tweets about a rich man getting freebie gadgets and trips to far away places and add in quotes from real wits… in reply to bradman #
  • @bradman …and that's about what you'll be missing, I imagine, don't follow him myself. in reply to bradman #
  • I will not let you bastards stop me getting more fuzz pedals… #

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