No one here ever called you a god


I haven’t said you were a “monster” either, just that you aren’t as good at the job as you and those that were sucked in by qualifying through a piss easy group – with some less than convincing displays against mediocre opponents that were glosses over by the scoreline – think you were and that when you faced a real side you’d be found out.

Basically you’re just another Sven Goran-Eriksson.

Something that’s made ever more evident by the team that’ll probably be picked to play Bulgaria tonight. Look at the side, think about the fact that if Lampard and Terry were available then they would be straight in the starting XI and therefore it would be exactly the same outfield ten who were thumped by German. Yes thumped Fabio, not lost because a goal wasn’t given, thumped.

If Sven was still in charge you know that it would probably be the same side.

Hell if they hadn’t quit the international game you also know that Brown and Carragher would be on the bench. How many said after the Germany debacle in South Africa that Upson should never play for England again? Now when he walks out there and lines up in the centre of defence, what do you think about Fabio? God? Monster? Or Svennis?

Bulgaria are the perfect opponents, they’ll cause some problems, look better on the ball but will more than likely lose in the end. It’s the kind of side Gerrard shines against, which says it all, come the big boys where is he? Sven.. er Fabio will talk about getting off to a winning start is all important. The result will gloss over all the ineptness and inadequacies. Hell this is an opposition where Stilian Petrov runs their game, christ the Bulgarian Jenas, who honed his craft in the Jock league, hiding then running into the penalty area and falling over. Winning the spot kick not because of any foul but because he was wearing hoops.

Leaving us with just one thing to look forward to. When will Fabio bring Beckham back into the fold…ok two things the capitulation against a decent side when they reach the finals, in a blaze of glory…

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