We’ll all be murdered

in our beds.

When it was stated a few days back that the police would have to get in step with the rest of the country and face the facts that we are up a financial shit creak thanks to a certain political party who likes to leave office with the country in dire financial straits and a bit of civil unrest with the unions trying to overthrow a sitting government – for 2010 see also early 1970s and early 1980s – the plod got into full public service outrage mode with dire warnings of the consequences of any cuts to their numbers.

If there’s one less plod on the street then you’ll all be murdered in your beds. Well I’m paraphrasing but that was the general gist of it, one the BBC just loved. The thin blue line would be stretched beyond it’s limits.

This of course is the police service that sends out four officers to deal with an old bloke because they said he was riding his bike on a pavement.

Or the police service that spent £45,000, used 32 members of staff and wasted 1,800 man hours to investigate if Ray Gosling did put his boyfriend to sleep after he said he did in a documentary. He wasn’t even in the country at the time, you’d think with the way the Labour party had our every move monitored this would have been easy to check.

Yes much made about Gosling wasting police time, with his fantasies, but did this really require 32 members of staff and how many people were murdered because an easy stat to tick off was being chased?

Could be a dangerous game Bob Crow and his well paid chums at the TUC are playing, if they do go on strike but not all of them and we find out that the place runs OK without their inflated numbers…

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