Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-09-26

  • How does Ijaz Butt know what the bookies have been saying, unless he knows them. Time to kick Pakistan out, cheats. #
  • Don't think I'll bother listening to the 4th ODI, haven't got a bet on it so not really interested. #
  • Does this mean today's TV won't be PopeWatch and tomorrow's paper won't be the Catlick Herald in disguise? #
  • @yawnerddn We all know you love a bet on a no-ball 😉 in reply to yawnerddn #
  • How much is it cost the tax payer to have Alan Shearer sat on a sofa saying – "they should have went on and won that game" and… #
  • …"everyone done their job, and they done it very well" #
  • This number is called "Vampire Spunk Merchants From Hell" #BadNews #
  • @RedAntiques Oh yes in reply to RedAntiques #
  • @rutty_uk Bloody hell just got used to having tabs at the top in reply to rutty_uk #
  • Only what 5 weeks late I've finally got the Final Frontier tin in my hands… #
  • @rutty_uk Yes, finally, I do like it in reply to rutty_uk #
  • @greennowhere The English Patient in reply to greennowhere #
  • I have a bad feeling about this… #
  • @aidanrad Dino would have spilled his drink and Frank's toupe might not have survived the ordeal. in reply to aidanrad #
  • Corluka back in frame, I know it's just the spammers but please don't 'Arry, it's painful to watch #COYS #
  • Is Hendrix's version of All Along The Watchtower the best cover ever? #
  • Anybody getting a parcel from that TNT van, it may be a bit damaged the way the bloke was lumping stuff about in the back. #
  • Gordon Brown prannying about in at Harvard, good job the British tax payer isn't coughing up cash for him to be an MP. #
  • Defense+ really doesn't like xampp #
  • Oh christ not Jenas again #
  • @aidanrad That's true as well 😉 in reply to aidanrad #
  • Come on 'Arry, bin Jenas and move Bale up #COYS #THFC #
  • Time for a gslloping run and a screamer from a fullback to spoil their cup final #COYS ~THFC #
  • So now the Labour and Tory leaders both look like they could whip off a mask to reveal some alien lizard creature underneath. #
  • So I now don't live in mainland Britain, never been charged extra for delivery here by anyone else, ebuyer can now whistle for my patronage. #
  • Which is the worse part of the Labour party the right on dinner party type Millibands or the class warrior champagne quaffing Prescotts? #
  • Why isn't more being made of England captain Steven Gerrard and his elbowing of a fellow professional? #
  • …is slightly lost without Feedly #
  • What was that rogue </li> doing in there? #

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