Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-10-03

  • Man, I can't half bugger up a footballer in his stride, just put him in my fantasy team and bingo. #
  • Ah the good old password manager – decade old sheet of paper – some of them are still valid??? #
  • Finding strange, old, message from what looks like @rutty_uk, on guitar site I haven't been to in maybe 6 or 7 years???? #
  • @rutty_uk No not one of mine,, you wondering where I am in 2004 in reply to rutty_uk #
  • @rutty_uk And you said in it you "missed me" *sniff* oh and if I'd been caught doing something illegal ;D in reply to rutty_uk #
  • My Twitter Rank is "Boss". What's your Rank? #TwitRank #
  • 24 years since Cliff Burton drew the ace of spades and took Kirk's bunk on that bus and Metallica died. #
  • Jenas was going to leave – useless git can't finish anything properly. #
  • Izzard making cow eyes at Miliband, pretty much sums it up. #
  • RT @ClassicRockMag: We're not saying we agree with this review of the new Santana But we do. – TV ad was cheesy #
  • Why does Stephen Fry feel the need to talk over the panelists on QI especially when he is just repeating the answer they are trying to give? #
  • Fantasy NFL team just as crap as all my other fantasy sides, amazing ability to drop a player just before they top the points for the week. #
  • Can't believe there are people sticking up for Alan Shearer #
  • When Alan Shearer is given time to do what he does best, notably analysing the movement of strikers, he’s good – Henry Winter, what a twat. #
  • Disappointed Black Country Communion don't sound more Black Country, kipper tie milk one sugar, brings to mind more John Sykes' Blue Murder. #
  • So is that two quid guitar a Jedson or a Teisco Silvertone? #
  • Wasn't interested in them until saw Jakob Dylan and his Black Falcon and then the @ProGuitarShop videos, now have GAS for a Gretsch. #
  • The problem isn't that Hazel Blears exists, it's that 16,655 morons voted for the stupid dwarf cow. #
  • I like the Cohen Brothers & Jeff Bridges but why can't Hollywood come up with original ideas and not just remakes of classics like True Grit #
  • Keep adding superfluous aitches… #
  • Some Like It Hot has the greatest ever final line of a film… of course that line had nothing to do with Tony Curtis… #
  • Should mouth breathers really be allowed to hold public office? #
  • Five raptors soaring around screeching in the sky. #
  • Who'd pay £10k for Ronnie Wood's Strat never mind the original £110k reserve, that first pic looks badly photoshopped #
  • Why would it come as a surprise to anyone that Nadine Dorries is a stupid cow that says retarded things? #
  • I'm glad I didn't pay for the ticket for that gig where Lenny Kravitz was co-headlining. #
  • Oh great power outage so neighbours alarm going off and they're away for a fortnight, useless fucking tards… turns up AIMP volume. #
  • When I got caught up in a major riot in Ecuador I didn't end up on the balcony of the presidents palace… #
  • …but the swimming pool on top of the Oro Verde hotel. #
  • When a legit email from PayPal about unusual activity on your account at the end says your balance is £0 it's a sphincter loosener. #
  • Sad that Spurs got involved with that eco-brainwashing. #
  • So it's either UP or Sexy Undo Tabs extensions that bugger up my other chrome extensions #
  • Can someone crate a TV & radio that automatically switches channel when Clare Balding comes on? #
  • Shame about xmarks, another excuse not to fire up firefox I suppose #
  • If Sandro is only going to play in the league cup then he won't be getting tired soon. #
  • I believe its not just the girls who love van der Vaart #COYS #THFC #
  • Jenas & Palacios together again – shit #COYS #THFC #
  • Does anyone ponce out of blocking a shot more than Rio Ferdinand? #

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