Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-12-12

  • css4 should be like lesscss with nested rules, mixins and variables. #
  • @JamesDelingpole How to be funny? #
  • @JamesDelingpole Very, though believe he's on one of those tax funded govt. schemes that keeps him in a reasonable state, BBC or some such. #
  • What kind of retarded company decides to do maintenance on gas pipes in December with 7 inches of snow on the ground? #
  • Ashley, what a twat, Len Shackleton said it 60 years ago but still true "The Average Director's Knowledge of Football" – blank page. #
  • Who will be the next Toon messiah? #
  • With Newcastle 11th, Alan Shearer won't be throwing his hat into the ring, as he would take the blame for their relegation, coward. #
  • @aidanrad "Hopefully, also to fly into (foggy) Schiphol" you're just wanting the peruse the porn 😉 #
  • @aidanrad Only if accompanied by a crazy oriental banshee, would cut down on luggage though… #
  • Don't do it Martin, they're not worth it… #
  • @osc_pro @yawnerddn Sadly you could be right. #
  • Don't know what I did or when I did it but whacking huge bruise on me foot and I'm crippled… #
  • Chelmsford 123 on 4OD, excellent… #
  • @yawnerddn He's too good for you lot. I love Martin Jol, Martin Jol loves me, all together now… #
  • If Assange gets sent down it won't just be Wiki that has leaks… #
  • If the Aussies become a republic does that mean we can deport the likes of Geoffrey Robertson QC and his ghastly bint? #
  • Ken Loach, John Pilger and Jemima Khan, could think of a more loathsome threesome but it would take too much time… #
  • Typical Jenas "playing" game #COYS #THFC #
  • Nothing trivial with Jenas, once hopes #
  • We're getting back the Lennon we lost this time last season #THFC #COYS #
  • Decent fullbacks, is it too much to ask for #COYS #THFC #
  • Thank you Sgt Wilson #COYS #THFC #
  • Anyone want to buy a striker only 7 previous owners? #COYS #THFC #
  • It was Houllier's side that won the CL, Beniez destroyed it, Jose's team won the CL and history is repeating itself… #
  • @JimBobOH You feel it's the kind of thing only the guilty would do. #
  • @JimBobOH Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner #
  • @yawnerddn Hahahaha Pardew hahahahahahaha #
  • Dear Americans the word solder has an L in it, just saying… #
  • @osc_pro @yawnerddn Newcastle the gift that keeps on giving 😀 #
  • @yawnerddn @osc_pro Hahahahaha five and half years hahahahaha well I'm guessing one part of that is more likely than the other hahahahahaha #
  • Turn on #PlanetRock and Van Halen #Panama is on and I can't help myself… #
  • Admit it, you're a German spy – I'm not a spy, I'm a shepherd – Ah! A shepherd-spy! – #
  • It's December, it's bloody freezing outside, you want to disperse rioting twats, well hose the bastards down, it's simple… #
  • @vallium_towers "people love Ann herself who is always very helpful and welcoming" – reading between the lines… #
  • @yawnerddn @osc_pro Well it's the right time of year for new messiahs #
  • I've favourited a YouTube video — 1981 FA Cup Final Replay Highlights #
  • At 59.38% Chris Hughton has the highest winning percentage of any Newcastle manager in charge of more than 1 game. #
  • Thynne: Is your name Charlie? – Gilmour: Yes, why? – Thynne: You remind me of a right one. #
  • Charlie Gilmour didn't know it was the Cenotaph, fine example of how thick your average student is these days. #
  • I don't see what most of those students are complaining about they all seemed far too thick to get a job, even with a degree. #
  • U.N. Global Warming conference in Cancun has seen 6 straight days of record low temperatures there. #
  • I don't know but ever since I had a go at @MarkBrighty on here about all the "you knows" they've seriously dropped off. #
  • @osc_pro @yawnerddn The messiah is dead, long live the messiah #
  • @osc_pro Ah but you should be happy with the money ($300 million) NESV have splashed out on Gonzalez & Crawford 😉 #
  • Dawson back and with the armband #COYS #THFC #

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