Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-12-19

  • Dear BBC/ITV/Sky etc. TV shows aren't news #
  • And if you watch even a second of any "reality" TV show you are part of the problem, you will be dealt with come the day… #
  • Cracking Mariano t-shirt from the guys at NoMaas – – how long before the lawyers are on the phone? #42 #
  • @osc_pro I don't know if even Chrissy could do owt with that rabble. #
  • Maybe you have to snort coke to work for that bug eyed weirdo Miliband? #
  • Dear Mr Lee, If you want to take money over championships and titles then fuck off and stop wasting our time. Thank you. #
  • @JimBobOH Equal rights for all, after all #
  • Yes it's good fun when his sides beat up the Woolwich scum and Whinger whinges about it but the league is better off without Allardyce. #
  • The chicken farmers and Allardyce had a difference of opinion on the future of the club, after all they thought it was a football club. #
  • Cliff Lee, been to the last 2 World Series and lost, bit of bullet dodging there by the #Yankees – what do you mean straw clutching? #
  • Gordon's Gin must be feeling the pinch, they used to send me a little freebie bottle every xmas but no more just bumf now. #
  • Too many fuzz pedals are slipping through my grasp… #
  • BBC not fawning over student rioters, shock horror, must be sacked, can't have things like this going on. Oh dear how precious. #
  • Will those backing ASSange so vehemently be backing other accused rapists or are you only innocent until proved guilty in special cases? #
  • All the sheep will have spent most of the day obeying the tweeting commands of their celeb overseers. #
  • December 21st and the gas company will be switching off the gas from 8am to 4pm. Good job it's another Met office mild winter. #
  • Now I've got the title working as a transparent overlay on images I don't need the browsers tooltip popup. #
  • Image caption overlay top or bottom hmmm. #
  • Of course it doesn't work in IE, why would it? As the first image on every page disappears. #
  • Should the BBC pat you on the head and treat you like "a special case" or should they treat you like everyone else? Can't have it both ways. #
  • When making play of your innocence and inabilities it's not advisable to leave evidence to the contrary all over teh interweb. #
  • Did sit down to watch the scouse in the runner's up cup last night, glad I stopped after a couple of minutes and watched The Chaser instead #
  • But don't the Grauniad have enough money from the tax savings they make not paying much here and being Cayman based? #
  • Portugal, massive drop in drug use, deaths and new HIV cases after decriminalisation. Prohibition doesn't work, never has, never will. #
  • It makes one feel dirty agreeing with a tache wearing dullard like Ainsworth. #
  • @JimBobOH His ego is bruised as plod showed how easily he could be bypassed as an irrelevance. #
  • Of course it was Jim Bakker's acquaintance Jessica Hahn in the Wild Thing video #
  • Dear old Ralph Coates and his flopping Bobby Charlton combover. #
  • Will Sheridan's wife have that look on her face like after the first trial, that look of "bloody hell how did we get away with that"? #
  • Beaten one Milan you've beaten them all. #COYS #THFC #
  • Guitar player with iPhone TC Electronic PolyTune app has got to be a must with it being 99c till 19th instead of $9.99 #
  • I've never seen sand on a beach frozen before, especially not frozen into rock solid sheets. Just a bit cold out there. #
  • Is that Bobby Jenks or Meatloaf in Fight Club signing for the RedSux? #
  • "UK media secret censorship injunction for Zac Goldsmith and Jemima Khan, 18 Dec 2008" doesn't seem to be on the WikiLeaks site, wonder why. #
  • Freddie King with 355, very loud Fender amp and metal fingerpick playing "Going Down" does it get better than this? #
  • I liked a YouTube video — Freddie King – Goin' Down #
  • I liked a YouTube video — Freddie King Ain't nobody's Business #
  • "Ahh, what a beauty! It looks just like a big, fine beef heart." – #
  • @tiffy643 Just so tempting to adopt the best Leslie Phillips voice and say "well, ding dong". #
  • @robmanuel But you wanted to give money to the Grauniad #
  • So just like the last series a complete thumping to level the series. Same old England, still can't lead from the front. #

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