Third biggest run chase in World Cup


England chasing down 293 to beat the Netherlands in their World Cup opener. Yes let me repeat that the Netherlands, which they did with a whole 8 balls to spare.

Oh and it was the Netherlands they beat.

So in other words it was the Netherlands they allowed to rack up 292 runs against them. Thanks in part to a characteristic display from Jimmy Anderson as he went for 72 off his 10 overs and was lucky to be able to play out his full quota of overs after a couple of beamers in his 8th. Sure I heard someone say in commentary it’s the 3rd worst set of figures in WC history, might just be England bowlers that. But still.

I do wish those commentating wouldn’t keep repeating the lie that this was out of the ordinary, it’s the norm with him. No coincidence that they won the Twenty20 World Cup without his services.

The other one that’s really pissing me off is Bell. How many times have we heard this winter that he’s in “the form of his life” and how many times has he followed this up with a nothing 30 or 40? Well I tweeted this yesterday and what happened? A nothing 33.

As a shambles it’s so far matching up to their previous World Cup outing in the subcontinent.

(The word Canada never appeared in this post it was all an illusion)

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