So it ends how it started

with a damp meh.

As England struggled to buy a wicket on the final day of the third and final test against Sri Lanka and so scraped the series win thanks to a mad 25 overs in Cardiff.

Other than that it would have just been a damp nil nil. Thanks to both rain an some ineffectual bowling on both sides. While without Muralitharan, chucking it, Vass and Malinga it was understandable from Sri Lanka from England’s point of view it was inexcusable.

Facing a young and inexperienced Sri Lanka side, especially in the early English summer conditions and seeing how they didn’t like the moving ball they yet again banged it in too short. It’s not back of a length. It’s just too short.

Yes Tremlett did a lot of damage with this but he has the attributes to do it, not just the height as the others aren’t midgets but the tight accuracy. On the other hand the Burnley Bumpkin Anderson isn’t a rough ’em up with the short stuff bowler, even if he thinks he is. Wide long hops don’t intimidate anyone, not even this Sri Lanka mob. But monkey see, monkey do. So Anderson and Broad just mimic, even when they see themselves first hand that pitching it up gets wild shots, edges and wickets.

Quite frankly you expect it from Anderson, a bit dim, no great thinker whereas Broad should be better at figuring it out. Maybe the threat hanging over his test place should help him in that respect, a chat with his dad should help, Chris Broad has said previously his son should pitch it up more.

Oh and congrats to Ian Bell, your media mates are all agog at your greatness because you milked a very weak attack for some very easy runs. Any chance you’ll lead from the front when a better team is in town? You know a match winning innings not following up someone else’s ton with one of your own, not coming in after any hard work had been done and picking up cheap stats boosting runs on the back of others.

Oh and Kevin Pietersen is that how you play now?

I seem to recall that was your stock answer ridiculous harum-scarum inning after ridiculous harum-scarum inning, of stupid flicks, desperation hits and almost blind panic batting, especially against nothing left-handed spinners. But has the message finally got through, just like Ronaldo, cut out all the showboating crap, play properly and sensibly and look just like the Kevin Pietersen we all want to see. Though of course not hear.

On the plus side, second Blofeldless test of the summer. Keep it up.

Best bit from TMS this time round. In a discussion between Jonathan Agnew and Phil Tufnell – what is a flange?

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