This goes out to Würzel

Motörhead - The Ace Of Spades - The Young Ones episode 'Bambi' || Motörhead - Steal Your Face - Live Birthday Party '85


O.K. so the “Fast” Eddie Clarke, Bomber, Ace Of Spades era was probably the classic Motörhead line-up? But after Lemmy when you think of the ‘Head Würzel is one of the first, mental, faces that comes to mind.

So sad news that Michael Würzel Burston has died at the age of 61, after suffering from heart disease. So today is a Motörhead, some of Würzel’s era, 1916, March Or Die & Bastards to the fore.

And who can forget that classic “Young Ones” clip from “Bambi” where the cameras panned to Phil Campbell when it’s Würzel’s lead break and then over to Würzel when Campbell took over then back to Campbell when Würzel finished off.

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