They were screaming, shouting and booing

right up until they got stuffed.

And then they were silent.

Was it in contemplation that their number one ranked team just got well and truly trounced by a team that declared twice and were almost skittled in one of those innings.

Yes, yes there’s the excuses of being, as usual, undercooked for the opening test of a series, which is their own fault, number one bowler going down injured, star player having London belly and opener taking a nasty one on the elbow.

Though I don’t if I’d have had Kevin Pietersen for the man-of-the-match award, for his first century in England since 2008. It was pretty damn good knock, one which he had to work hard for to begin with but as with the excuses part they were shy their best bowler and while Kumar and Ishant Sharma – how many were singing “Ishant Sharma’s gonna get you”? – had inspired spells, minus Khan it’s not an attack that should cause major problems. Certainly not have a side 62 for 5.

Good to see Broad listening to others that told him to pitch it up and cut out those useless bouncers. For all their protestations you know it was instructions coming from on high or why else would he be constantly doing it. The short stuff was kept to a bare minimum here he looked a far better bowler. All those wasted overs being the Enforcer, when just going back to what’s really worked in the past and no one would question his place in the side. Didn’t get what he deserved in the wickets column, dropped dollies and poor umpiring. Good also to see his batting come good, after the first inning golden duck. It’s another part of his game that’s dropped off of late.

As for Anderson, as I asked on Twitter how many wickets has he taken with rank long-hops? And he was at it again on the final day, after doing bugger all in the Indian’s first inning. Dravid just couldn’t believe what he’d done, one of the widest long-hops he’s probably ever hung a bat out at, so not The Wall. The same with Laxman, a delivery that was an insult to looseners. Some good deliveries for the other wickets but the fact it was the first time he’d got more than 2 in a second innings says something.

Though he might not have been helped in the past with that by Strauss’ determination to defend far too early in proceedings. He was at it again yesterday, even with all these series wins and the possibility of being the team being ranked number 1, you feel it’s what will keep Strauss from being classed as a great captain.

Oh and it was good to see Ian Bell lead from the front when the chips were down. Oh wait no he didn’t did he, he bottled it again. Form of his life.

Also noted on Twitter that I think TV cameras should pan away when the umpire Billy Bowden is signalling something – four, six, wide etc – like they do with streakers, so as to not encourage. Then maybe he could spend less time on his affectations – funny how the finger was straight when picking his nose – see straight forward catches and not be afraid to make the call or indeed spot one of the plumest LBWs you’ll ever see.

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