Who knew Anton Ferdinand would help

England’s cause?

Is allegedly being racially abused by John Terry the best thing Anton Ferdinand has every done during his rather undistinguished career on a football pitch?

Could this finally rid the England team of not only Terry but Ferdinand’s brother Rio as well?

Now everyone is innocent until proven guilty but as Jonathan Liew of the Telegraph just tweeted…

…and with the history of the England captain you can see why pretty much everyone outside of Chelsea / Terry fans are ready to believe that he said to Ferdinand fucking black cunt… fucking knobhead. And that it wasn’t prefaced by I didn’t call you a… as Terry claims or indeed it was blind he said not black as many jumped to defend him when the video first went viral. They also pointed to the fact Ashley Cole is in picture when the what ever it was, was said but then Cole’s ex-wife didn’t she have a moment like this before they were wed?

Terry has been guilty of many scummy actions in the past – added to that there is his family, now you shouldn’t be paying for the sins of the father, mother, mother-in-law, brother, but it doesn’t look like the apple fell very far from the tree and it was rotten when it landed – all have been overlooked as he was first given the England armband and then regained it. Will they gloss over this as well?

Now Anton didn’t come straight out and make any claims public, he still hasn’t, which you would think proves a point in Terry’s favour but then no one really explained an incident nearly 5 years ago, when Terry was sent off against Spurs. An incident clouded in mystery as Terry looked to have said something that sent the normally placid Ledley King a bit mental, along with Zokora and Chimbonda. Three black players it seemed took great exception at something, as Terry took his marching orders with a pacificity that you just never see from the player when a throw has been given against his side. Terry commentated that I have known Anton for a long time, sounds a bit I’m not racist, some of my best friends are black doesn’t it?

You can just see Don Fabio sitting in his luxury pad head in hands crying that this is going to destroy our chances at next years Euros. I was going to team JT and Rio and we win.

Far from it, even if found not guilty or maybe the Scottish not proven would be the better verdict it’s a great excuse to rid us of another of the Golden Generation that’s served us so well over the years.

Many have pointed that this could have a knock on effect with regards Ferdinand senior, Rio. Like Wayne Bridge would he want to be in the same dressing room as Terry after this? Well here’s a two birds with one stone situation. Rio is another that can be jettisoned quite easily. No matter what those that unfollow you when you slag him off think Rio doesn’t deserve to be thought of for England duty. He hardly turns out for his club and when he does he is a liability, as so expertly shown at the weekend as Citeh ran riot.

Said it before, and I’ll say it again, back in ’02 Rio was at his peak, an outstanding defender, best in the world. The only ones that couldn’t see it were FIFA as he somehow was overlooked for the World Cup team of the tournament for Judas Cuntball. But playing that well got him his dream move to ManUre and since then, well cruising on easy street. With an undoubted talent and playing for Utd he was picked game after game no matter what. So these last 9 years have seen him poncing out of blocking more and more shots and costing England more and more goals.

For all his faults bottling it on the pitch the way Ferdinand does when jumping out of the way of shots is something you can’t level at Terry. But that one slight on the pitch positive get’s nowhere to being a reason to overlook everything else…even if he is found not guilty.

So could Anton Ferdinand be England’s saviour?

Not holding my breath…

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