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Hours after being found unanimously not guilty of tax evasion charges Fabio Capello chucks the dummy and walks out of the England job.


Now a day later as before the case came to court everyone has ‘Arry as the next England manager, especially those ManUre players it seems. Now why would they want the team behind them in the league suddenly destabilized by losing their manager? I wonder.

Well we all know why Rio Ferdinand would want ‘Arry because he knows he’ll be straight back into the fold – triffic player, love ‘im – after being shoved out somewhat by Fabio. This was one of the few things Don Fabio eventually got right. And that’s one of the reasons I really don’t want to see ‘Arry given the top job. I can just see that first line up consisting of the past failures – midfield of Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard, Joe Cole with Parker in there for good measure. Though would he pick Terry alongside Ferdinand?

So yes John Terry has only been charged and is still innocent until proved guilty. Though as someone pointed out he is guilty of being John Terry. But for once the F.A. having finally got something right. They were spot on in removing the captain’s armband from Terry. They can’t go round taking the moral high ground while they’re captain is up on racism charges.

It was typical of Fabio to then whinge on about it being the wrong thing to do and that he’d been undermined by the F.A.’s actions. He just doesn’t get it, he never really has. And it’s not just lost in translation.

We’re finally shot of him. How many months too late? How costly?

Should have gone after the South Africa debacle. In reality shouldn’t have been in charge before then either. Strange that he has the best winning percentage of any England manager but that just proves that stats mean bugger all. England never looked like anything much better than they did under Svennis or even the McClown. Well for the most parts it was the usual suspects.

Now the hunt is on for the next lamb to the slaughter and back to ‘Arry. Well do we all remember the last time there was so much clamour for one man to get the job, from players and especially the public? Well they got what they wanted. Keggie Keegle. That went well didn’t it. The people’s choice. Then the last time it had to be an English manager we got the McClown. Learn from history people.

Stuart Pearce takes over as a caretaker. Well I once thought he could go on and take the top job after a stint under a more experienced boss. Hmmm probably go that one wrong. We’ll have to see after the Holland friendly but wouldn’t hold my breath.

If they do go with ‘Arry they’ll have to wait until the season is over and it points up that does the England job need to be full time? What exactly does the England manager need to do for the vast majority of the year bar watch games every week. Which means that if someone does a club job as well it’ll mean they at least will stick around to the end of every game they watch. And at a club like Spurs what exactly does ‘Arry do on international week? Most of his squad will be off in various parts of the world. So why can’t he be off with the England squad. If he wants.

And we know he wants it, despite the post aquittal comments he’s made that he’s looking to the next Spurs game.

Moot point anyway. Guus Hiddink should have been given the job before Capello, before McClown, before Svennis saw out his dying days.

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