That’s a typical Defoe performance

all over.

OK so a couple of things were missing, he didn’t hit the woodwork, side netting or ‘keeper. But the rest was pure Jermain.

Ninety minutes of general running about, not getting much involved, being flagged offside – after putting the ball in the net – terrible first touch, getting on the nerves of others after being greedy and taking a piss weak shot when others were better placed.

Oh and coming away with two very well taken goals that put Spurs through to the quarter finals of the F.A. Cup, after finally disposing of Stevenage.

When all were looking for a moral boosting lift after three poor performances, a draw and two losses, Spurs needed to come out of the traps all guns blazing, plenty of width, triangles and pace, things didn’t start well. A lethargic opening saw some sloppy play in midfield and Stevenage’s Byrom running past Nelsen in the box. Looking slow and cumbersome the Spurs defender stuck out a leg and tripped Byrom. The New Zealander went apoplectic at the award of a penalty but he didn’t have a leg to stand on. Penalty duly slotted home by the player that won it and this had pure Tottenham written all over it.

Things got worse as Dawson went up for a challenge with Beardsleyand the Stevenage player played him and not the ball, nudging him out of the way. Landing awkwardly on one leg Dawson will now be out for some time having done his ankle and knee ligaments. He’s become very unlucky with injury has Dawson.

Stevenage were the ones on the front foot. They looked up for it while those in white could hardly looked any less bothered. Kranjcar offering very little in the centre of the park which doesn’t work well when alongside him is Parker who offers nothing going forward. Every pass the latter attempted towards Stevenage’s goal was over hit or well off target. Being bossed by a third division side. Livermore would have been the far better option, though maybe ‘Arry is resting him for the Everton game instead of Parker after his brilliant performance against them in the reverse fixture. I wish.

Then things got a little better just under the half hour when out of nothing a long ball from the left of his own half by Bale found Defoe just outside the centre of the D at the Stevenage box. A decent enough touch and he smashed it in on the volley with his left. Another strike from outside the box, it’s what he can do.

One step forward, two steps back as about ten minutes later Lennon starts hobbling. Eventually going to the floor and indicating he was done for the night and maybe longer. Hamstring, again.

Adebayor came on to replace him and it did change things as there was now more of a target to be found, than Defoe was offering. But it still wasn’t exactly setting the world alight. As the half ended it looked like things were getting even worse as Bale started to complain about not being right. This could be a very costly game.

Second half started with some good news as Bale hadn’t been replaced. It was not long before he made an impact. Ten minutes in and a run into the box ends with him swinging his right to put a cross in but missing the ball and kicking the foot of the Stevenage player trying to block him. Penalty given but was it? Finally a bit of luck going Spurs way. All those disallowed goals being made up for, because we know all these things even themselves out 🙄

Adebayor puts away the penalty after the ‘keeper committed himself. No thoughts of Defoe getting the job?

But Stevenage were still in this as Spurs took their foot off the gas. It looked like they figured now ahead job is done. Then all of a sudden Bale was found on the left of the park. This was a scene we hadn’t seen for some time. He was sticking to the left and actually putting crosses in. You know like a left winger would. One brilliant cross should have ended in a goal but didn’t. Where was Defoe?

Then Bale smacked the the bar with an amazing shot, which saw the ball hardly rotate at all in the air. Finally after roaming around doing bugger all but roll about like a big tart Bale was doing what everyone wants Bale to do.

Then 75 minutes in he produced something that will alert interested parties. Forget Barcelona, forget Madrid or any of the Italian sides. Tony Pulis will be pleading with his chairman for the funds to by the Welshman after he put in a long throw from his own half to Defoe, again, just on the edge of the Stevenage box. Cut inside and Defoe finishes it off in style. It’s what he can do.

It’s what he can do. He can score, regularly and great goals. But and it’s a big but. What can’t he do? And what he can’t do has meant that’s why the so called best finisher in England – what competition is their really? – has always been second fiddle. From Keane and Berbatov, to Crouch and van der Vaart to van der Vaart and Adebayor to Adebayor and Saha he’s been the one to miss out. And there’s a reason for that.

That’s why I’d pick Saha ahead of him against Everton. That and the law of the ex could play out nicely for us once.

Stevenage could have won this, they had the chances and this was the third poor effort in the Cup by Spurs against lower league opposition. Bolton next surely they can be put away a bit easier than this clodhopping lot for a trip to Wembley for the semi.

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