It’s a good job for Roy that Liverpool had a great


In the you couldn’t make it up department it goes to rival the UN choice as their International Tourism Ambassador – Robert Mugabe.

Roy is that step closer to having the three players that have been blamed for Liverpool’s great season that saw Kop king Dalglish given the boot, to go with two of players he had during his spell at said club that got him the boot. One of whom when he didn’t featured for Liverpool this season resulted in a win percentage of nearly 50% for the club compared to almost half of that when he did appear. Gerrard.

If Lampard doesn’t come through then Henderson is going to join Downing and Carroll to go with Johnson and Gerrard. But then it’s kind of fitting as England are pretty much a mid table international side.

But what I found rather funny during the reporting of this is the description as Henderson as a ststs performer…

Henderson is an outstanding performer when the binary charts, Opta ratings and Prozone statistics are analysed, but not so exceptional when more visual mediums are used to assess a player’s contribution.

Football analysis is now dominated by those with a ceaseless capacity to hoodwink spectators into believing the mediocrity they had just viewed was actually a reconstruction of a complete midfield performance.

Henderson has all the attributes to be the champion of those who believe football is as much science as art.
He is a natural athlete and covers more yardage on a football pitch than most of his team-mates. His possession stats are equally impressive as he rarely gives the ball away. He also possesses balance, an excellent first touch and he has occasionally shown himself a capable finisher.

The trouble for those who have watched Henderson during his inauspicious debut season at Anfield is there is a chasm between the statistical data and his influence on a game. Those boundless runs have rarely taken him into opposition territory.

The pass completion rate does not take into account that much of his distribution is a six-yard, safe pass back to a centre-half or full-back, and although he has sporadically looked the part, he has mostly resembled the winning bunny in a startled look competition. Chris Bascombe @ Failygraph

…it’s funny because that totally describes a certain other player, a stats padder, who the very same paper give 7, 8, 9 out of ten every week for the very same nothing passing, nothing forward, nothing performances. And they’ll be calling to start every game in the forthcoming Euros. Parker.

But back to one of those players that got both Roy and Dalglish the sack from the same club. Gerrard is one of two players Liverpool’s new manager Brendan Rodgers should get rid of, if he wants to succeed. Carragher should be pensioned off. Who wasn’t that good when he was good, slow, lumbering, lumper who can’t win a tackle without fouling. Call him up Roy.

Then there’s Gerrard in Rodgers Barca inspired system and style. Hahahaha. That requires both getting the ball back quickly and then keeping it. Which rules out Stevie Me. As the last England outing showed yet again he can’t tackle without it being red card worthy and that lack of subtlety and guile goes with his play in possession. Short, smart passes in little triangles? No. Battered Hollywood balls all factored into for personal glory not the team set up.

Roy couldn’t get the egos to do what he wanted, what chance has Brendan… let’s hope none…

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