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Poor old Rio Ferdinand, he took to Twitter yesterday to post that, bet he couldn’t look more like a disconsolate duck at the time.

He’s asking what football reasons Roy Hodgson decided to call up Liverpool’s Martin Kelly when Gary Cahill was ruled out of the Euros with a broken jaw picked up in the victory over Belgium on Saturday, when he was pushed into ‘keeper Joe Hart – after a bit of dithering by the pair – by Belgium winger Dries Mertens.

What football reasons Rio was left out of the squad in the first place.

His media representatives have been having a field day alongside all his media chums. Yes bringing in Kelly is bizarre – that’s the Liverpool quota in the squad up to 6 now – replacing a centre-back with a fullback, after replacing a midfielder with a centre-back. But just because he shouldn’t have called up Kelly doesn’t mean Ferdinand should be going. Shame that Micah Richards got all petty and shunned the chance for a call up.

What reasons. Well how about Rio has hardly played for England over the last few years and he hasn’t exactly been missed. His own club manager says he can’t manage the number of games in a tournament over a short period of time.

But maybe Roy has just noticed something that’s been mentioned more than once on here and he too is sick, fed up of Ferdinand poncing out of blocking any shot that might be heading for him. His jumping out of the way and turning his back instead of just taking a hit from a lightweight plastic ball.

Such a coward shouldn’t be in the squad no matter how much he and his yes men think it’s his right.

Also forgot in the original post, if Roy does go with Carroll up front then it’s a situation where England players just can’t help themselves and here comes the aimless humps up the park to the big fella. And who is the worst offender? Well it would be Rio. For all the talk of this cultured footballing defender, and he certainly can be, he resorts to the aimless hoof far more then others.

Roy’s probably cheesed off with that stupid leap he does on the back of goal scorers as well but then he might not have had the opportunity to do that during this tournament with England…

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