Was I watching Spurs

at the Euros?

It felt just like watching Spurs in Gdansk last night, but it really was Germany versus Greece in the second quarter final.

The similarities were all there. Team in white spend the first half battering another side, some pretty useless outfit in blue could they be Wigan. Great movement, dynamic display, chance after chance created and chance after chance spurned and wasted.

Then up steps someone with a screamer. Ah flood gates now to open, but no the useless lot hang on to half time and they go in with the score just 1-0.

Second half starts and the team in white start prannying about as if the work is all done and get completely sloppy. Where the passing was sharp and accurate before it’s now off the mark to such an extent it’s just going straight to an opposing player. Then even more prannying about and a player in white loses the ball far too easily, everyone in white is up the pitch as the other side break. Cross into the box, dithering defender is the wrong side of the only other player about and it’s all even again.

This is where things altered and it was obviously Germany not Spurs, as they hit back shortly after with a cracker, followed not long later by two more pretty damn good goals to kill off any hope the Greeks had of turning the clock back to 2004.

Nah if it had been Spurs they’d have struggled to score a second before eventually giving away that last minute penalty that gave Greece their consolation second.

Germany look good. They’ve played the best football so far in the tournament, pretty good at the back, very nice going forward, lots of good movement, very fluid in possession. And with that there’s the ability to completely replace their forward three from the group stage and maybe even look better with the replacements.

Said after the last World Cup when England should have replaced Capello that the F.A. could do worse than go for Joachim Löw as the replacement well with the Spurs job still open and if Andre Villas-Boas doesn’t want it then Levy could do worse than Jogi…

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