Lies, damn lies and England’s

FIFA ranking.

Sure I’ve posted on here before about the FIFA rankings and how England are massively over ranked in them, they do seem to be more bizarre rankings the higher you get and none more bizarre than England’s repeated presence in the world’s top 10 – currently 6th and 4th ranked team in Europe.

The current standings are updated in the first week of next month (July) but considering those around England in the European rankings, Netherlands above them, Croatia and Denmark below them didn’t get out of their groups, who knows where England will end up after coming home technically undefeated.

Euro 2012 says no.

It’s back to those good old stats I keep mentioning but also keep saying are meaningless…

Only Greece (38%) and Ireland (33%) averaged less possession in matches at Euro 2012 than England (39%).

Only Ukraine (2.3), Ireland (2.3) and Greece (2.0) averaged fewer shots on target per game at Euro 2012 than England (2.8).

Joe Hart made 22 saves at Euro 2012, five more than any other ‘keeper so far (Shay Given 17). BBC

That puts it all into perspective – Greece and Ireland – that’s England’s level. One of the most boring teams about and one of the most inept at this tournament. Again the ranking system hits implode as they’re ranked 15th and 18th respectively, in the world.

And in that last game against Italy one of the most telling stats was…

England’s most frequent passing combination was between Joe Hart and Andy Carroll, who entered the game as a substitute frontman after an hour.

Long ball.

Hopeless humps up the park to the big fella. Hello Wimbledon it’s the 1980s again.

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