Again Anton Ferdinand deserves our


Who’d have thunk it the dolt of a defender – a transfer target of one ‘Arry Redknapp, let me remind you – did his bit for England by first helping getting rid of Fabio Capello and now, finally, after nearly a year John Terry.

Thanks Anton.

Terry’s “retirement” from England was the only way we would get rid of him as Roy Hodgson was desperate to keep him the set up, as shown by his reaction to the former England captain’s announcement. Roy would have kept on with Terry no matter what punishment the F.A. come up with this week. It’s one of the first things Roy has got badly wrong, it wasn’t the last.

Now this isn’t as many pundits have jumped to saying a way to get Rio Ferdinand back into the England fold. Yes Roy didn’t pick Ferdinand because he went with Terry but even if he didn’t mean it and was covering there are footballing reasons not to automatically bring him back into the fold. It’s time to move on. It’s not like Ferdinand has been outstanding, when he’s not poncing out of blocking shots he’s giving the ball to the opposition so they can score as he did at the weekend. Along with the fact Roy has Ashley Cole as his first choice left-back – another error – who Ferdinand doesn’t really get along with these days.

The disconsolate duck is dead.

The problem being who does play, especially with Roy being so enamoured of Lescott. A player who looks permanently confused. He’s useless without the ball and even worse with it. Jagielka might fair better on the international stage without being alongside Lescott. Cahill deserves another go, hasn’t done a poor job.

It would help massively if Jones and Smalling weren’t injured. Don’t know about Jones is he someone how is always going to be picking up injuries and never gets a good run of games. Then if the manager does get a chance to play him of course he’s in at fullback or holding midfield rather than at centre-back.

f Caulker gets a run of games for Spurs the he could be a choice and of course it’s the way things should be moving. Get the kids in, get them games, get them ready and playing as a team. Don’t go turning the clock back to old failures of the rather tarnished “Golden Generation”.

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