The Aftermyth of Savile

Beyond The Fringe - The Aftermyth of War - Peter Cook and Jonathan Miller

somewhere in the B.B.C.

George Entwistle, director general of the B.B.C. waits for Peter Rippon programme editor who stopped the Newsnight broadcast into Jimmy Savile.

GE: Rippon, sorry to drag you away from the fun old boy.

PR: That’s all right sir.

GE: Savile’s not going very well you know.

PR: Oh my god

GE: Yes, two down and the ball’s in the enemy court.

GE: Enquiries a psychological thing Rippon, like a game of football

PR: Yes sir.

GE: You know how in a game of football 10 men often play better than 11.

PE: Yes sir

GE: Rippon, we’re asking you to be that one man.

PR: Sir.

GE: Rippon, I want you to lay down your career. We need a futile gesture at this stage. It’ll raise the whole tone of the B.B.C.

GE: Get in your car Rippon, pop over to the select committee, take a shufty, don’t come back.

PR: Right you are sir.

GE: Goodbye Rippon, god I wish I was going too.

PE: Goodbye sir, or is it au revoir?

GE: No Rippon.

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