Cipollini, Mario Cipollini, licensed to

Mario Cipollini - descends Passo del Cipollaio - view from behind


Through one World Road Race Championship, 57 grand tour stage victories, Mario Cipollini wasn’t one for for going uphill, didn’t like the climbs old Mario but he could come down them and still can.

To promote his new line of Cipollini Bond bikes, Mario has taken the role of 007 in a cheesy promo video you can see at the bottom of the post.

What’s more interesting is the two behind the scenes videos of Mario’s descent of Passo del Cipollaio that they’ve released.

One shows the view from the back the other head on as Mario flies down the road, helmetless and with some on coming traffic, including a couple of cyclists who probably had a bit of a shock at what was heading towards them.

As the videos state it’s not one to imitate this.

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