Are the pieces finally falling into


First up, yes, it was only West Ham and the scum that follow them have got a team they deserve under a manager they also deserve. The real shocking thing about the vile chants coming from that travelling scum is the shock of the media who apparently haven’t heard it at all the other games.

Anyway the game. The boss made a change that needed to be made, Dawson in for Gallas, Lloris was handed his third straight start, his second straight in the league and Vertonghen was shifted over to left-back. Other areas his hands were tied, suspensions and Dembele not being fully fit after his injury. As before I would have gone back three and played Carroll as a central three.

The opening period was mainly Spurs but again without the cutting edge. There was more life about the team though. Again there was a situation that Bale’s charging at a fullback brought an early yellow card – one could argue after Adebayor’s straight red last week this was a luck yellow – and yet they never followed up, hardly any more runs at O’Brien because as with a later Lennon run their only defence was fouls. A later charge by Bale was more down the middle and resulted in him smacking the cross bar with a shot hit with such ferocity it was barely credible to think he was stretching and almost one one knee.

Of course hit woodwork brought a One of those days Tweet.

Through the opening 43 minutes we had heard how sharp Defoe was looking. This was apparently down to three pretty weak and inept attempts on goal. That’s what counts for sharp these days. 44th minute he did look a little sharper. Probably seen most of Defoe’s senior goals, except the Bournemouth ones, hard to argue of them this was the best.

Taking the ball just inside the Spammers’ half, tight on the right wing and with defenders around him. He just ran at them as they backed off and cracked the ball past Jääskeläinen. From the ridiculous to the sublime and in an instant sums up the conundrum that is Defoe. He can score, he does score but he can also do bugger all and miss a lot.

Minute before half-time. Perfect time to score the opener.

Still, even with these visitors a second, or indeed a third was required. Came close just after the break when Bale’s free kick left Jääskeläinen frozen to the spot. Shortly after the Welsh winger produced a good save from the ‘keeper. Then they had a break, showing how necessary that second was. It also showed why Lloris should now be seen as the number one. A cross from the right would probably have been a tap in if the French ‘keeper hadn’t been quick to commanded his box and collected the ball.

But Spurs were back on the attack and Dempsey’s shot rattled the crossbar. Another piece falling into place. The American was showing why we bought him. Seconds later he topped it off with a nice run and glorious chip over the defence for the onrushing Bale to knock in the second off the post.

Again as Tweeted still needed that third. They could get a lucky one and Spurs would be hanging onto a one goal lead. Which isn’t fun. Luckily it didn’t take long.

Huddlestone started it off with a tackle, Sandro continued it with another cruncher, Dempsey kept it going with a nice little flick to Lennon who scampered into the box and squared it to Defoe. Surprisingly not offside he slotted in his second.

It was needed as they did get that lucky one. Caulker not hearing Lloris by the look of thing and weakly clearing the ball from the area – left it alone and it was straight to the ‘keeper. Chip over goes in from Carroll but still a two goal lead and no real hanging on.

Again yes it was just that Spam lot but a more rounded performance. Dawson had Carroll in his pocket, as he has done before, put his foot in a number of times and no aimless humps up the park, couple of nice pings to Spurs players mind. Walker looked more assured with the club captain there. Dempsey’s performance was a real plus, linked play and was involved. Lloris commanded his area and is quick off the line in doing so. And Dembele is not far from starting, after another substitute appearance. In the just over 10 minutes he was on he showed what we missed over the last number of games. Someone who can commit opposition players then glide past them and remove them from the game, creating space for him and others. While being totally in control of the ball.

Pieces are falling.

And so finally the main stream media have woken up to the vile chanting that comes from a large number of West Ham supporters after this game. Strange they’ve never mentioned it before even though it’s been obvious for years. No doubt that Society of Black Lawyers ‘erbert and David Baddiel will blame Spurs fans for chanting “Yid Army!”.

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