Or how to survive the last 15 minutes plus

injury time.

Easy answer for Spurs to hold out during the last 10 to 15 minutes of games with a lead looks like being to play teams with little attacking intention. Fine by me.

Not what many of us expected from Swansea after the first ten minutes, during which they passed the ball around like we all know though it was mainly some typical passing for passing’s sake getting nowhere quick. After that opening Spurs just took over and pretty much controlled the rest of the game.

Swansea didn’t seem that interested in being an attacking force as they mustered no shots on target all afternoon and only 3 off – one from each of Dyer and Routledge should have been better and on target – just concentrating on defending, which they did exceptionally well. Though Spurs had chances and it should have been more comfortable than the one nil scoreline.

More in front of goal weakness. While Adebayor looked interested in playing this game, unlike some recent outings, most of his best work was in the build up and he never looked like getting on the score sheet. His interchanging with Dempsey worked well with the latter coming off the left. His strike partner, who may have scored 9 goals in the league but none of them have come while Adebayor was on the pitch, is going through one of those inept spells.

All pouting petulance when others deign to have a shot and ignore him. While taking stupid attempts that have no hope. Playing others wide when better balls would create great chances, failing with crap crosses, and the old Defoe standby of targeting the ‘keeper with shots actually on target. Only thing missing was a chance squandered through being offside.

You think at times Defoe’s has got it. Recently he managed to score by dinking the ball over an advancing ‘keeper. Finesse. Had the chance against Swansea and he batters it straight into the ‘keeper’s body. Picking up his fourth booking for a stupid foul topped it off.

The goal when it finally came, right at the beginning of those last 15 minutes, was a piece of class. An excellent free-kick from Walker – who has put in some decent set pieces in the absence of Bale and should be the main corner taker from now – from a flick found Vertonghen to plant his volley into the far corner with his wrong foot – his second in the league, like him I’m counting the opener against ManUre. He’s not the only defender that can hit a a ball after Walker smacked a 90 mile per hour shot that had the Swansea ‘keeper all over the joint.

A knock to Adebayor’s foot after he was sold a hospital pass by Lennon meant he had to come off after 72 minutes, this helped matters with regards to any hanging. Townsend came on and kept them occupied in that final quarter of an hour. It was simple stuff but it’s something they should do more of in such situations, especially from the manager, put on a speedster not the likes of Huddlestone and just make him run. It took up time and the only defence they had was to foul him taking up more time and creating chances from free-kicks.

Townsend could have sealed the deal if the ref hand’t decided to blow the whistle due many getting stroppy about Michu being sparko in the Spurs box after and excellent piece of ‘keeping by Lloris. Inadvertently taking out the Spanish striker while clearing the ball with a great punch.

So the final whistle went and relief all round. Only downside on the day being the return of Parker. Some people need to look back at last season and the amount of times he was stood right next to the player scoring a weak goal against us – he’s not the messiah.

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