If Spurs win in the cup and no one is

watching, does AVB get the blame?

Excuse the laboured title couldn’t think of anything.

Well because the FA Cup tie between Spurs and Coventry apparently wasn’t shown anywhere in the world and I really didn’t want to travel back in time and tune into the radio – where they don’t tell what’s happening on the pitch just have some chit-chat – and the local ITV region are too cheap to show even the highlights show I don’t know what really happened in the repeat of the 1987 Cup final.

Though I do know Benny was back meaning Walker got a day off and Naughton was in his natural position of right-back. Dempsey scored twice and Bale got one as a repeat of that upset at Wembley was avoided.

So all there is, is 34 seconds of video highlights that apparently was all the aforementioned highlights programme bothered showing.

Leeds or Brum away in the fourth round.

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