Strikers? We don’t need no stinking

Frank Rijkaard v Rudi Völler - World Cup, Italy 1990, Round of 16.


There weren’t half some gnashing of teeth about the lack of strikers brought in during this transfer window, and all the other ones, when Jermain Defoe hobbled off just before half-time against West Brom.

You’d think he was banging them in left, right and centre. When in fact he and Adebayor have managed 1 goal and 1 assit between them in the last 10 league games. Yes it would be nice to have a recognised first team striker but it isn’t a guarantee just having them on the park.

The irony of it all being Spurs looked better and had more attempts on goal and target after Defoe’s departure.

Though that was also down to the fact that Goran Popov gobbed off a bit too literally at Kyle Walker, after the pair indulged in a little argy bargy, both more intent in playing player rather than ball. As spitting goes it was no Rijkaard full grolly into Völler’s perm circa Italia 90. Hung for a lamb rather than a sheep.

Up until then West Brom had looked dangerous on their attacks with Lukaku causing some concern amongst the defence with his hustle and bustle. After it was a flat back eight job and the usual Spurs’ difficulty in breaking it down.

Left to a bit of Bale magic again. I had said before his playing where he wants cost Spurs last season. Maybe it was because of the instructions he was given at the time, or not as the case maybe. Just fucking run about a bit was probably what it amounted to before, I’m thinking AVB gave the player a clearer idea of what he wanted from the player. One of those little notes that the media get obsessed and upset about.

But in that first half Bale was more involved than we’ve seen him in some games recently. With some of his dropping deep to pick up the ball it was almost as if he was van der Vaarting the game. Very reminiscent of the type of thing the Dutch player used to do during his stint at the club. Kind of thing that used to get him dogs abuse and screams for him to be replaced by Defoe.

It was all out attack in that second half, with West Brom’s only source of possession being when Scott Parker ventured forward and butchered the latest attack, gifting the ball with ease. It was struggle for that breakthrough, though Holtby a major part in making it easier and they have to be happy that the West Brom manager withdrew Lukaku after the sending off. Long not so much of a handful.

Another away win, 7 so far this season, a win to break the run of draws and a point off third. Will Adebayor now come and bugger it up or be a revelation?

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