I know Brazil haven’t played anyone and that’s why

England 2 - 1 Brazil - International Friendly - Wembley - February 6th, 2013

they’re 18th in the FIFA rankings.

And I know I denigrate those very same rankings when it comes to the top 20 or so – lower down they’re more accurate – but losing to this England side and playing as they did it almost looks their level.

Yeah again it was a friendly, they hardly looked bothered for most of the match, though if they had upped it you felt a win could have been easy for them you still have the feeling Big Phil Scolari has a bit of work to do if they want to win the World Cup in their own back yard next year.

Maybe he would have been better taking the England job. I mean after last night they’re now odds on favourite for the trophy and in Wilshere possess the greatest player the world has seen. With Walcott not far behind while Ashley Cole is the greatest left back ever.

Of course Phil would have probably been long now if he had taken the job – it’s three managers ago he should have been runner up to Guus Hiddink – and well he was only one limp penalty, a couple pieces of inept forward play and crossbar away from a comfortable victory against this great England side.

Yes it was a penalty, this old he turned his back doesn’t quite work because players know by that logic they can stick their arms out to try and block the ball without punishment. Maybe if they just tried to block crosses instead of poncing out they won’t give away penalties.

Piss weak penalty attempt from Ronaldinho, followed up by a great save from Hart and then a pathetic miss from Neymar, though could it have been another penalty in the process? Another maybe worse miss by the rising superstar after a cracking cross by Oscar – where he skinned club-mate Ashley Cole.

Cole who was winning his 100th cap, received all the plaudits during the build up about being the best left back England has ever had if not the world has ever seen. He played up to his usual standard, from most of the previous 99 appearances, was poor defensively and offered very little going forward before being replaced at half-time by the player who should be the number one choice Leighton Baines who was also feature don the front cover of the match programme.

That publication’s cover much like England’s left side when a cross field ball is played – Cole missing.

One did wonder at the reaction of Neymar’s club chairman at every miss. Was it a head in the hands job thinking that’s another million knocked off Chelsea or Citeh’s offer?

But he wasn’t alone Brazil were pretty poor all around. Bar Oscar and two of the second half substitutes, Fred and da Silva Lucas. Fred who scored a cracker and could have had a couple more. Slow motion replays showing him never looking up when the ball was coming to him, never taking his eyes of it, knowing exactly where the goal was. Lucas dribble through England’s defence repeatedly after his arrival.

But that was maybe the real fault of Brazil. They kept coming inside, too many players wanting to occupy the same ground, while the flanks were screaming out to be attacked with Cole and Glen Johnson at fullback.

England were of course playing that game as well. Until Walcott finally kept wide, beat his man and created danger. The real surprise was he did it again. Usually when it works so well once it’s never seen again.

By this time England were one up after Wilshere found a gaping hole with a pass – only a genius would have seen the open acres of space – Walcott actually read the passage of play, should have score but Rooney did from the ‘keeper’s save.

Second half opened up with some classic English defensive dithering. To me, to you passing. Which brings on the opposition bringing on panic in players that aren’t that comfortable with the ball, loss of possession and Fred finishing.

Walnut staying wide lead to the winner. Frank Lampard doing what he does. Scoring. He doesn’t do anything else.

Throughout it all Wilshere ran the game we were told by the media as their frenzy grew – Pele, Messi, Ronaldo, Gazza all rolled into one – while never once closing his mouth or not having his tongue sticking out. Must have left a trail of drool all over Wembley, like a snail trail.

Brazil may have skillful players but England have Wilshere and he can dribble without the ball.

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