Did Spurs need to do to Everton what

Everton did to us?

Last season I said it was the two games against Norwich that cost Spurs. This time round was it the two games against the Toffees and the solitary point taken?

Back in December cruising with a one nil lead only to lose two goals in stoppage time. On Sunday Spurs were losing going into the final few minutes they got the equaliser but couldn’t manage that three point grabbing winner.

Back then I complicated about AVB’s substitutions, nothing strikers and defensive howlers and I’m gonna be at it again here.

After it all started off so well. Scored too early. Couldn’t manage hanging onto a one goal lead for 90 minutes. Well even longer than 90. 33 second for the opener. Great cross by Vertonghen, just out of the tentative legs of the Everton defence but Adebayor was actually there in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing. Though of course he tried his best to bugger up even this, with all the goal to aim at he hit the ball onto Tim Howard’s legs.

What followed was the pattern of the game. The team that conceded got the upper hand.

It was now all Everton, until they got a corner. Baines swinging the ball onto Jagielka’s head. The Everton defender is all over Vertonghen, pulling him down and back. While Anichebe proved a large obstacle for Lloris to get round, so when he arrived at the back post he wasn’t ready for the ball to go between his legs. Should have been a foul. Should have better defender.

Two goals also provided a pattern for the game. While Anichebe caused problems for the Spurs’ back pair all afternoon, those in white hardly had another attempt on goal from inside the area. It was as if someone told them to shoot on sight, that Howard was susceptible to long shots. He wasn’t.

Of course it might have had something to do with missing players and the limitations of others. Spurs really can’t play the no Bale and Lennon card as the visitors were without Fellaini and Pienaar who are as equally important to them.

Some ot over excited about Adebayor’s performance. Man of the match I saw from at least one. He hasn’t scored because there hasn’t been the crosses came one after that opening goal. But for the rest of the match he was never in the position to be on the end of one of those crosses. One big reason why no others came after being shown to work.

Getting excited about this performance just shows how shockingly awful he has been up to now.

After the equaliser Spurs came out on top. It was just possession though and winning that doesn’t win you games even if Brendan Rodgers thinks so. Shots from outside the box. Far too many. lacking that extra bit but then even with Bale and Lennon they miss it at times. Not enough triangles.

Not long after the second half started Moyes made a change, positive change and well there was an immediate change in the score even if the new man didn’t play much part. It was an omnishambles. Ball bouncing free, general dithering by Dawson and Parker, Vertonghen clueless as to the eventual scorers whereabouts – he’s beside you. Parker ambling back attempts a piss weak tackle – if he’s not going to do last ditch tackles what is the point of him? Mirallas weaves Caulker into knots and scores. Only one of the back four (plus Parker) wasn’t at some fault for it.

Again as soon as they scored Spurs took control. Though AVB didn’t. Moyes changed things with a positive substitution, AVB waited and waited and waited and then. Then he brought off Dembele for Huddlestone. Met with boos. For the player being removed. I did say I couldn’t understand his changes in the reverse fixture, couldn’t understand it again.

Dembele had been moved further up the pitch in this game and it worked. He was on the ball far more and more influential. Had almost scored as well but from a sharp bit of ‘keeping from Howard. Parker should have gone, as mentioned earlier if he ain’t gonna tackle there’s no point him being on the pitch, especially if you’re desperately needing a goal, because as per usual he butchered every forward move he got involved in. While his dithering slowed down good attacks.

There was screams for Holtby to be replaced by Ceballos. All on the basis of a few minutes of YouTube highlights in an under 21 game. And the irrational belief that Holtby was having a stinker.

Huddlestone did OK, with some nice passing but it was no surprise that like the opener the equaliser came from good play out wide. All the stuff crammed in the middle just didn’t work, as Everton defended that with ease.

Walker on the right had one of his best games of the season, against one of the best left-backs about. He didn’t have to deal with much defensively and kept Baines occupied with little help either way – not the same help he gets with Lennon. Running down the flank he nicely flicked the ball round Baines, mugged him, and getting on the end cutback for Dempsey to step over and Adebayor have a shot which of course he Defoe’d – hit the post – for Sigurdsson, who’d had a tenacious game – to put in the rebound.

They could have won it, Anichebe did Dawson yet again but Lloris’ legs saved the day.

Could have been worse, again should have been better. Point gained or two dropped? Hard to say, but it’s only one against Everton this season. Good break before the next league game, small fact of the Europa League second leg to content with, just hope AVB changes things up with the spare time.

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