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It was a bit timely that the PFA hired Reginald D. Hunter to do a bit of stand up at their little back slapping soirée and the fuss it caused as the day after the BBC showed a tribute to the late great Dave Allen.

Controversy. Always a winner.

About 23 years ago Dave Allen returned to our TV screens with a stand up show, rather than his usual sit down routine – the chair was there, as was the glass of ???. Returned with his usual foresight into the stupidity of everyday life. That climaxed with the hilarious rant on The Clock and how it rules our lives.

One word in that cracking punchline caused outrage.

It’s hard to believe, well no it’s not with the ease people still take offence at the slightest thing. The BBC offered a grovelling apology to all the Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells types who were quickly out with the pen and paper – green ink types.

Questions were asked in The House of Commons.

Not questions such as – can we revoke the franchise from those idiots?. or it was on at 10pm on BBC2 what the fuck were they expecting?

So while the children of Mary Whitehouse – not the real ones the green ink ones – frothed at the mouth much in the same way dimwits from the PFA and the media are doing about Hunter’s set – well it gave Clarke Carlisle another chance to get his phizog on the telly and let everyone know he was on Countdown – Allen got his revenge the following week.

You can almost see a glint in his eye at the beginning. A knowing look. He knows what he’s going to be saying. He knows what happened last week and well if you complained about one word then, well here’s a few more…

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