Mark Cavendish maglia rosso

Mark Cavendish
Mark Cavendish wins the final stage of the 2013 Giro d'Italia in Brescia to take the red jersey.


One British cycling hero bowed out early with a bit of an understandable whimper another just underlined his greatness.

A hell of a Giro d’Italia, what with heavy snow fall cancelling stages and temperatures that wouldn’t be out of place at the Arctic in winter never mind Italy in spring.Mark Cavendish

Sir Bradley Wiggins pulled out early with a chest infection, well with the way he was racing and the condition he was in you couldn’t see him managing over the high mountains. But then at some point you might have seen Cav struggle to do so but he got over ’em.

That drive to win stages and win the red points jersey fuelled by him just losing out by one point last year and that pure desire he has to win. All that matters, stages and jerseys, it’s enough to get him over the big climbs.

It was enough to see him compete the second intermediate sprint twice on the final stage of the Giro in Brescia. Though he wasn’t happy about that and you couldn’t half see it on his face. Not one to hide the emotions especially when he crosses the line first. Which he did five times in this grand tour, going past 100 career victories in the process and becoming only the fifth rider to win the points jersey in all three grand tours, after the Tour de France in 2011 and the Vuelta the year before.

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