Didn’t watch England versus

England 1 - 1 Ireland - International Friendly - Wembley - May 29th, 2013


Had better things to do and after all they never watched me when I was crap. Quite frankly the thought of watching Ashley Cole leading England out with the captain’s armband turned my stomach.

Roy, poor deluded Roy. He’s a bit bloody clueless when it comes to fullbacks. As Johnson trots out again on the right. No surprise that both him and Cole were at fault for the Ireland goal, neither can defend. While every accepts Johnson is a dolt the eulogising of Cole is laughable and sickening. Two games against Ronaldo that he’s living off.

Couldn’t be the Portuguese had an off day.

Of course this will be matched by John Barnes being all over the media in the build up to the Brazil game. If it goes off. We’ll see that goal at the Maracana time and time again. No one will mention that it was a friendly and they were that good an opposition that Mark Hateley scored. Barnes of course followed it up like Cole with one other decent game, Argentina in ’86. And then repeatedly trudged off the Wembley pitch with some sort of injury after yet another abject display only to be fit and on all cylinders with a magical display for his club come Saturday.

Will Roy be as lucky as Barnes manager was at that time. Inept team playing ineptly, get a fluke result in a nothing game and the exit a tournament to some cheating and dodgy officiating. Or will his dark ages side not actually make Brazil next year.

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