Will the sun ever rise on for AVB and


Another win in the Europa League, through to the next round with a group game to play. Five played, five won, eleven scored and one conceded. But it was yet another one of those Europa games against Tromso.

Thought things might have changed last night in the Arctic circle as Spurs went immediately forward straight from the kick-off instead of the usual work it back to the ‘keeper, fanny about, hump it up the park and lose the ball routine.

It went pretty much downhill performance wise from there.

Seconds later Tromso almost opened the scoring. The rest of the game can be summed up by one statistic – Kyle Naughton had the most number of touches of any Spurs player.

Honestly, what is it about that player? Why does the ball follow him around where ever he goes? At right-back and all the play is on the right, he shifts to left-back and all of a sudden the left hand side is seeing more of the ball.

If Soldado saw the amount of ball that Naughton does the Spaniard would have more goals than Messi, Ronaldo and the whole of the premier League put together. But it ain’t gonna happen is it? There was plenty of chances last night to feed him as he made run after intelligent run only for the “provider” to shun him, dither, cut back, pass sideways or backwards or have a stupid shot.

It’s like the rest of the squad see Soldado as just a bloke who takes defenders attention away from them.

Hell if he had as many touches as the amount of times he raised and then dropped his arms in desperation he would be setting all new club scoring records.

Hugely frustrating game all round, much like pretty much everyone in this competition’s group stage. It should have seen the now Norwegian second division team put away far easier than having to rely on an own goal over an hour in to open the scoring.

But with the way the midfield and wide men played and Naughton always on the ball it was never going to happen, was it. And when someone did actually get a cross in it was generally hopeless, way over Soldado’s head – yes I’m looking at you Gylfi, your set pieces were rubbish as well. All ever so slightly annoying as was when Dembele should have scored his second and Spurs third, took his goal well really should have had that brace.

Should be grateful for small mercies I suppose, at least we got to see Spurs score a goal for themselves.

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