If that’s Spurs’ plan B then

gawd ‘elp us.

So it looks like Daniel Levy’s master plan to sack the manager without a replacement is working a treat. Making your choice as next manager based on who can jump up and down with their arm in the air shouting pick me, pick me the loudest is a sure fire winner.

Ah but if we say AVB should have been given time to sort it out then Timmy needs more than one game.

Seem to be from the same type that got themselves into a creamy lather over playing 4-4-2 and having our two greatest strikers on the pitch at the same time. Players that the evil AVB banished from the land.

The same tripe that the media are trotting out. Same media that lambaste any England manager for playing that formation are now saying it’s the way for Spurs.

Hell I even read one report stating Sherwood was better than AVB because he wore a tracksuit and not a suit and stood in the technical area – which AVB never did of course, maybe they were thinking of their beloved ‘Arry sat on the bench twitching as games were being thrown away. And that things were better because stand in captain lead a pre-kick-off huddle. Which never happened under AVB.

It was a cup game so Defoe would probably have played, he wasn’t exiled by AVB at all. Just like he doesn’t score the goals that the Defoeites would have you believe – if he did he wouldn’t be moving to Canada. And that was shown from the off when he missed a glorious chance to open the scoring after seconds.

The defeat you will read was all about defensive frailties it was the only thing that led to West Ham winning 2-1.

No it wasn’t. It was all about what happened in that opening couple of minutes being replicated all the way through the match bar one incident. While Hugo Lloris made a number of top quality saves, the Spammers’ ‘keeper had very little to do. Four shots on target out of 21 attempts. Ultimately that’s what cost Spurs a place in the semi-final.

A number seem overly happy that the players “fackin’ ran around a bit”.

Yes there was directness, mainly from the wings and other put some effort in, but what did it lead to. Bloody awful attempts to score from these great strikers.

People overjoyed to see Adebayor back, seething at his exile by AVB. Conveniently forgetting last season and the way this player acted to type and mooched around doing bugger all. All expecting a return to the form of his first year at the club, again conveniently forgetting he does it when playing for a move not after he’s got it. Five goals from 25 league games last season that’s why AVB wasn’t interested.

Adebayor takes them and the club for an expensive ride and they fall for it – if that was one of the reasons Levy fired AVB.

Last season also showed that Adebayor and Defoe are not an ideal strike partnership. Last night wasn’t the start of something new it was just an extension of something the previous manager knew didn’t work. And yet some believe that playing those two up front against Liverpool would have made a difference. A midfield that was over run reduced by one would have helped. Again gawd ‘elp us.

Yes against an Allardyce flat back 10 you might as well but what exactly did it lead to. One goal from 21 attempts. They were doing that under AVB. People going on about how much better it was. Was it any better than the previous visit of them lot? Well there was the same number on target.

Hell when Collins hoofed the ball back to Spurs and Lloris was scrambling back to his line to stop a goal it moved them ahead in the shots on target.

Yes I preferred seeing a left winger on the left, Townsend, and a right on on the right, Lennon, but of course Sherwood changed them round so what difference does that make. He had the added advantage of not being up against a side where Suarez was running at Dawson and had an actual left-back available at left-back. I would say Rose available at the weekend would have made more of a difference to the Liverpool result than two up front.

So Adebayor scored a screamer with an assist from Defoe’s cross. Don’t know which one was the bigger miracle.

Then they let in two soft ones from typical Allardyce route one play and were out of one cup.

Don’t remember AVB losing a cup game this season. But maybe in the long run that defeat will help as it should start Levy seriously looking at someone legitimate for the job, not Timmy, but you fear it’ll be done on the cheap and Glenn is currently unemployed.

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