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Tiny Tim is getting away with it because the media will give their chum a free ride and others are deluded enough to think this is better than before.

Apparently it’s “the Spurs’ way” that Sherwood has brought back to the club.

Well in one way it is. Score then concede after no time at all through a weak midfield and simple defensive ineptitude. Yes that’s very much “the Spurs’ way”. But that’s not what they’re talking about, they’re talking about having “their” Spurs back because it’s all out attack. Shots are coming from all over, goals are flying in, you score five, we’ll score six.

Their hatred of AVB and love for Sherwood cos he’s old school – i.e. a bit dim – and Spurs frew and frew – even though he’s not in any way – has led them to believe something they aren’t exactly seeing.

They aren’t seeing goalkeepers making many saves for a start.

This myth of attacking football has seen on average 4 shots on target in Sherwood’s three games in charge so far. On Boxing Day there was only about three teams had less shots on target in all the Premier League fixtures – the likes of Norwich and Villa.

But we’ve got two strikers.

Yes and against a West Brom side that didn’t come and park the bus it didn’t produce a shot on target until Eriksen’s free-kick went in just after the half hour. It was a goal that like those against Southampton glossed over what actually happened for so many.

A better team than West Brom – who have now gone through December gaining a whole 2 points – could have, would have had a hat full. There’s no way that either the Citeh or the Liverpool side that put six and five past AVB’s side would have come away from the Lane with just a one all draw.

The lie of this great attacking side that Sherwood has invigorated to play the beautiful game is that they averaged more shots on target in those two stuffings than in Sherwood’s loss, win and draw. All while leaving a gaping hole for the opposition to wander through at will.

Have to post about Sherwood’s inabilities because the game was so god damn awful there’s nothing really to write about with regards to it.

Cracking free-kick from Eriksen followed seconds later by him weakly giving away the ball then a free-kick which was poorly defended for the equaliser. People saying having Sandro would help but he has Capoue, who was probably the best player during his first few games for the club before his injury and he’s not getting a game. Well that would be defensive.

Well as I’ve been banging on about stats the one that really stood out was 100%. That was Nacer Chadli’s passing percentage in the first half. It dropped in the second half has he misplaced two whole passes. And yet if you listen to the Twitter commentators he was awful, repeatedly giving the ball away. Now he wasn’t great, no one was, but he wasn’t doing what he was accused of. It was just pathetic from those that wank on about passing stats and gloss over the ineptitude of their favourites on the day. Gylfi had a shocker.

Reminds me of the types that used to whinge about Kaboul in his first stint at the club and saw Boateng leave without getting a chance.

What chance the likes of Chadli, Lamela, Holtby and others are shoved out by Sherwood to never be seen again in a Spurs shirt but go on to a glittering career elsewhere. Wouldn’t put anything past the ‘Arry Redknapp mini-me.

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