Timmy’s fanboys have some straws to clutch


Apparently it was just bad luck and bad officiating that led to Citeh smashing another five goals past Spurs this season.

If that wasn’t bad enough there was enough “passion” and “heart” Tweets going round last night to make any normal person projectile vomit themselves inside out.

Christ what are Spurs now? Stoke? Palace? Sunderland?

If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

Bad luck? Bad luck? Yes it was bad luck that Negrado sat on the bench all night. It was bad luck that Dzeko decided to have one of those “he’s a big dumb useless lump” games – which saw him intersperse ineptness with a goal and two assists – bad luck that Aguero went off after just 44 minutes.

Ah yes bad luck with the officiating.

Bad luck and bad officiating that the ref didn’t see a nice bit of volleyball in the area by Bentaleb. Bad luck and officiating that the ref didn’t see Adebayor stamping on Demichelis – straight red.

Oh but they ruled out a perfectly good goal from Dawson. Well they also fell for Danny Rose’s falling over act that led to said “goal”. That was bad luck and bad officiating. It’s also bad luck that Adebayor is too stupid, lazy and inept to get himself onside in these situations and gives officials the opportunity to flag. He was going for the ball from an offside position in the middle of the goal. Did he get the slightest touch and thus make Dawson – who wasn’t initially – offside? It doesn’t matter it wasn’t bad luck it wasn’t even really bad officiating.

Neither was the penalty and red card that so many are bleating about.

“He got the ball, he got the ball”. You can hear the screams now, just like actual footballers who believe that the slightest touch the ball negates everything else before and after the event. Videos and pictures are provided as evidence. Unfortunately from just one angle and after the fact. Rose’s foot makes contact with the ball but after his other leg has clattered into the back of Dzeko’s. They also conveniently fail to mention Rose hanging onto Dzeko’s hand and pulling him down visible from their conclusive angle.

Up the other end I wonder what they would be screaming for.

It was nothing to do with bad luck or bad officiating. It was one team out playing another. One manager who had a clue or two and one who couldn’t find a red herring.

One hour and 50 minutes into Midsomer Murders and I bet Timmy still hasn’t figured out who the killer is.

Nah, he’d still be blaming the defensive midfielder. A yes the worst thing that ever happened to football, Claude Makelele who apparently played football in this country before Nobby Styles, according to Sir Les. Who has had arguments about it, arguments where everyone apparently agrees. No, me neither.

Well funny that in the two games against Citeh this season when Spurs played with a defensive midfielder they had more shots on and off target that without and conversely Citeh had less shots in total. In fact bar two goals Spurs had a far better game away at Citeh, who had a better team out that day, under AVB than they did at home under the new messiah.

Spurs vs City stats
Spurs vs City stats 2013/14

Just look at the Spurs’ shots number. Wasn’t AVB sacked and Timmy brought in because the former was boring and the latter exciting?

It wasn’t bad luck that Timmy sent a team out to have rings run round them and not bad luck that that’s what happened. And it wasn’t just their very good players, hell it was the likes of Clichy.

It’s not bad luck that in both games Timmy has faced clubs above him in the league – one game in the cup – he and the team have been found wanting. It’s just good luck that the others he’s faced have been on a downer when the fixture came round.

The worshipping of this charlatan along with the fact he’s gonna be able to get rid of players he hasn’t a clue about is one of the most depressing things to happen to the club.

And when those very same worshippers start talking about the passion the team showed, while talking up a performance that in no way matched their enthused witterings, it was even more sickening.

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