It’s OK Timmy you won’t have to amend your


Tim Sherwood thinks Spurs winning a trophy would look good on his CV, after they lost their third straight cup game under him he can probably keep that piece of paper blank.

Yes there’s a very good chance that Spurs could overturn the one goal deficit they came back with from the trip to deepest, darkest Ukraine but the chances of further progress look very slim indeed, with clueless Tim seeming in reality as bothered about the Europa League as most of the starting XI he put on the pitch.

Of course stood in the other technical area was a man with a few trophies on his CV. UEFA Cup, twice, UEFA Super Cup, Copa del Rey, Supercopa de España and of course only the second trophy to adorn White Hart Lane since Daniel Levy took charge, 2008 League Cup. Juande Ramos.

One will be lumped, by some, as another AVB style foreign flop the other has brought our Spurs back.

One got the job through winning things the other through backstabbing and luck. Luck which doesn’t seem to be in much supply in the cup compared to the league.

Our Spurs back. Don’t suppose there was many Tweeting that during this first leg of this round of 32 tie. Unless it was sarcastic. On an atrocious pitch those in white put in an atrocious display. A performance that was in no way cohesive as some were in inept while others were not interested.

The man on the touchline was both.

And he’s got his excuses in early. Yes Tim it was a bloody awful pitch but why did that make your players look disinterested, why did that make you send ’em out again with no plan other than to run around a bit and what did it have to do with the defence defending so ineptly that they kept leaving an old man to clean up after them?

Yet again up against a half decent coach, coaching a team that haven’t played competitively for weeks, Timmy is found wanting.

There isn’t much to actually say about the game. As said Brad Friedel kept them in it with some very good saves after he was left completely exposed by his back four. Vertonghen, disinterested, Dawson, Rose, Naughton, defensively inept. Rose probably should have gone for a last man challenge but then so should one of there’s for the same thing on Paulinho. Ref didn’t give much but he got the penalty correct.

And as for luck, Soldado just needs that little bit. While Adebayor is getting it all and the sheep are back worshipping the lazy shyster, Roberto is running his socks off without the slightest thing going his way. One thing that would help would be if he was on the end of some of the passes he himself has played other players through with.

But no they’re to busy having 40 yard pot-shots that are more akin to back passes, that’s when they’re anywhere near the goal. And when he does get the chance either the ‘keeper has the luck – as with an early header from a good Chadli cross – or the pitch does actually make the difference as with a “sitter” later on.

I can just see him moving on with certain sections of the fan base shouting “waste of money” and scoring left right and centre at his new club while their hero Adebayor decides he’s done enough and ponces another season out of the club.

So on a better pitch – the Lane currently isn’t exactly a perfect bowling green – they may do better, if they can be bothered and Timmy is being honest and he’s not looking at this competition the way his mentor ‘Arry did. But then Dnipro should be better with a competitive game in their legs and nicer surrounds as they didn’t struggle as much as the visitors.

But when you look at the other 15 ties there’s a lot better teams than Dnipro and teams out there that really want that trophy on their CV.

Spurs were unbeaten in all cup competitions until Timmy came along, now it’s beaten in all since. Had scored in something like 16 straight Europa League games, all of which were won this season, both gone in his first European game in charge.

Timmy can keep his CV in his drawer. It can stay blank, unless he wants to put his pastimes on it. Talking bollocks, having no plan A, backstabbing, he’ll have to hopefully add something to it soon as he’ll need to be sending it around.

Of course none of this was made any easier with the presence of Clarke Carlisle in the commentary box. Michael Owen with a thesaurus. A master class in speaking without saying anything. Then at half time it goes back to the studio and Gordon Strachan says it was an entertaining half. Dear god.

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