Forget Audere-est-Facere, what is the Latin for


Another embarrassing clusterfuck against a top 4 side by players and surprise, surprise officials as they again capitulated in the weakest manner possible to lose 4-0 to Chelsea.

Well we know from the media that the Latin is certainly not Blamus Timus Sherwoodus.

Oh no Timmy is completely blameless in all of this. I do believe it’s AVB’s fault. I wonder what the reaction would have been had it been AVB making the same statements Sherwood made in his post match utterances.

When AVB said it it was because he was an aloof, arrogant, nobody who had won nothing. When Timmy says it it’s because he’s a breath of fresh air, honest, down to earth bloke.

Some where happy with both the team Timmy picked and what that starting XI did in the opening half – Vertonghen at left-back, Walker as a winger, Lennon a number 10. An opening half where neither team parked the bus but parked the Austin Allegro. This was one dull, 1970’s British Leyland beige half of football.

Happy with that. Why because Chelsea didn’t score? That’s what makes you happy under Timmy the opposition hasn’t scored while Spurs have done bugger all in the process. As for the hosts not scoring that can be attributed to the officials and not for the first time, nor the last, Hugo Lloris.

In the opening minute Eto’o was given offside incorrectly when the back four let him through with ease. Lloris rushes out to push him wide enough that he falls over rather than go for goal.

Not long after, minutes, that same back four let Hazard through, again with ease, again Lloris was quick out and pushed the Belgian wide , where he should have scored from but didn’t. Hugo did enough.

Bentaleb was being praised again for his passing stats but no one mentioned when his one pass that went astray went straight to a Chelsea player and created another good scoring opportunity for them.

This good half had produced nothing from Spurs bar some easy possession, a couple of offsides from the returning Sigurdsson and a nice volley from Sandro that was the only real thing that tested Cech in goal.

The rest was just clueless running about from Walker – as I Tweeted…

Kyle ain’t the new Bale.

Walker was going to play his part in my first Tweet of the second half. Spurs had a counter attack in the making, there was great open space as the ball was on the Spurs left, crying out for a ball into Walker on the right in even more space. Walker duly found with a nice pass only for him to turn down using all that space and put a needless back pass which led to defensive bumbling and a Chelsea chance.

It reminded me of an article I read about the new Fulham boss Felix Magath and how when manager of Wolfsburg he introduced a €1,000 fine for unnecessary back-passes. It sounded like a good idea before Walker bottled going forward, it sounded better after he bottled it and moments later I was demanding it be brought in.

In his favourite position of left-back, while in the middle Kaboul was doing up his laces, Vertonghen was playing fancy Dan with the ball when he slipped over under a little pressure, what he did to rectify the situation made it completely worse as he back-passed it across the face of the box for Eto’o to latch onto, while Dawson and Kaboul were floundering, and score.

It’s funny reading about how Caulker should still be at the club. No doubt from the same people who cried foul when AVB said Dawson could go. Dawson goes and Caulker is still at Spurs. As for Vertonghen he’s talked cryptically about leaving if Spurs aren’t competing in the Champions League. Well he looks like he’s not competing, hasn’t for a while. Like he’s given up but if he carries this on which CL side would want him.

It was all very Spurs like.

What followed a few minutes later was so very Spurs. Defence exposed again and a cross from the Chelsea left – who’d have thunk there was two right-backs out there – finds Eto’o in the box where Kaboul breathes on him and the striker falls over. With a perfect view of proceedings the ref gives a penalty, then a message into his headphones and he reaches for the red card.

Not a penalty. Not a red card. But what followed was not the reaction required.

What followed was a general giving up. Sandro slipped gifting the third for Ba, but when the cross was put in the box he was the only blue shirt there alongside three white shirts. Dawson had gone off at the time – blessing in disguise?

Then to really Spurs it off. A minute later Clueless Kyle Walker headed a back-pass from closer to the halfway line than his own box straight to the retreating Ba, who despite some attempt at spoiling by Lloris took the ball and scored the fourth.

Chelsea weren’t good and scored four, some say it flattered them but it could have been more if chances had been taken in the first half. Same people say Timmy can’t be blamed. Well he sent that team out there. He should know Vertonghen isn’t happy and is even unhappier at left-back. We all know Naughton isn’t a good defender. Anyone can guess Walker isn’t going to be up to much further forward, just too dim. Lennon isn’t a number 10 and Gylfi returning after being missing for some while just screamed I don’t want to pick others.

Bentaleb has had some unfair criticism but those that defend him overlook his inadequacies. He showed for the ball a lot in the first half and did absolutely nothing decisive with it. And when it was all going pear shaped in the second he was standing there watching opponents run away from him far too often.

Timmy pretty much said he can’t trust some of the players. Well who can trust Timmy, he’s after stabbing another in the back to get his job now with stating he’s like the director of football position when the elbow finally comes.

This can’t happen. He says the club can’t go forward going the way they are. Well they can’t go forward with an untrustworthy, backstabbing, scumbag like Sherwood anywhere near the club. He’s not going to see out the 18 month contract but the fact that he’s going to last to the end of the season just highlights how stupid Levy was in sacking AVB and then appointing Sherwood in the first place.

Timmy is English so his media mates are giving him the backing that a foreigner certainly wouldn’t get after the performances and some of the results. The chances of this getting any better over the next few fixtures is very slim.

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