If it was Tim wot won it, it was Time wot

was losing it.

The media are heaping praise on English Tim because Spurs came from two goals behind to win 3-2 over Southampton, obviously missing the point it would mean he was at fault for them being behind, and outplayed in the first place.

After being thoroughly outplayed for the first half an hour by Southampton, Spurs halved the two goal deficit just as Tim Sherwood had descended from on high.

This according to the media was the catalyst for Eriksen’s goal. Nowt to do with a shocker from a fullback and a bit of a tap in. No it was the Man In The Gilet wot done it. Even if that gilet was under his jacket.

No mention that it can only have been Tim’s coaching and instruction that got Spurs two down in the first place. Tim sent them out there to play the high defensive line, which is all well and good and the way AVB went about things, but without any pressing when the opposition has the ball it’s a tactic that screams out for what Southampton duly did.

Because Timmy obviously didn’t tell them to press.

Southampton were playing balls through or over the back four and at some point the linesman wasn’t going to raise his flag for offside and save Spurs. In the end it took a punt from the ‘keeper and another bit of ineptness from Kyle Naughton to gift the visitors their opener.

All that praise Naughton was getting – for not actually being good, just not sucking majorly in games he wasn’t really tested in – was disappearing. It was all gone when he played the Southampton forward line onside and then gifted Lambert the ball for him to feed Lallana who netted the second.

While those in red were picking out passes those in white weren’t seeing the ball and those in the middle weren’t even really trying. Dembele back from injury was non-existent, so much so that even Dim saw it, though of course he waited until the break to change things. Bentaleb we are told is not there to create but to defend but surely that means he has to defend. Not let people run past him at ease.

The fightback didn’t start with Timmy’s touchline appearance but with the on field meltdown of Saints’ defender Lovren. Southampton manager thought it was a foul on his player when Lovren tried to lean in on Chadli, who moved away and let gravity take effect. Clyne Naughtoned the cross and Eriksen was there for that tap in.

Tim then gave his Churchillian half-time speech and everything was set right.

The high line dropped back and some pressing followed. Soldado pressed. Pressed a nothing up field ball that Lovren had covered. The defender then decided not to Naughton it but to Walker the situation. In other words shield the ball instead of playing it. Soldado gave him a bump – again Pochettino complained to but to my mind if a player isn’t playing the ball, just blocking someone else from doing so they should be fair game, like when Walker does it. Soldado slammed the cross over and Eriksen was on the end for a tap in I bet Soldado wishes he would be on the end of.

The Spaniard was playing the part, but as per usual things just didn’t go his way goal wise. One lovely lay off to Chadli produced a cross from the Belgian that should have been just a bit better and found Soldado racing into the box. Then there was a beautiful cushion ball to Eriksen in the box. The Dane could have gone over for a penalty – Pochettino missed that one – but if Roberto had been on the end instead of being the provider.

Southampton completely fell off in the second half after that 2nd minute equaliser. Highlighted by Lovren looking to fight Soldado rather than tackle him. The Spaniard had the defender in his pocket for that second 45.

Townsend came on for the anonymous Lennon. Nothing much changed.

And it all looked to be petering out… OF NOWHERE!!!

Yes it looked to be petering out to a draw, probably deserved draw for each side having a half when Gylfi Sigurdsson received the ball from Eriksen’s tap back and fired in the winner, 2 minutes into the extra 5 minutes added. Soldado dropped to his knees in exultation.

The moment was then spoiled by the camera speedily turning to see Sherwood try and copy AVB’s celebrations. Every silver lining has a cloud.

Post match the media were straight in trying to get the players to credit it all to Sherwood. Funny that in the first interview Eriksen was more dismissive of Tim making any difference. But then it was reported as saying it was all Tim wot done it.

And of course he wasn’t backward in coming forward to make sure it’s all about him and what effect his outburst had.

This is the second time under Sherwood they’ve got a result against a team that were on a winning run, second after the ManUre game, but if he shows his tactical acumen of that first half away to Liverpool next weekend then no half time talk will change things round. And he won’t have the midweek Euro game excuse to fall back on.

That’s twice now Mauricio Pochettino has lost to Spurs, both 3-2, both losses against Timmy. Can’t do his hopes of getting the Spurs’ job any good.

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