Don’t worry, I shall be back

'Pimpernel' Smith (1941)

we shall all be back.

Following on from yesterday’s post another great final line of a film. Leslie Howard’s classic “’Pimpernel’ Smith”.

Not long after yesterday’s post I caught this classic piece of Second World War propaganda on telly. Funnily enough after saying I didn’t think “A Boy And His Dog” shouldn’t be remade when this is “The Scarlet Pimpernel” reworked, moving it from the French Revolution to pre-war Nazi Germany.

It’s an undoubted British classic directed and staring Leslie Howard – a couple of years before he died in a plane shot down by the Germans – who plays Smith a bumbling, pretty vacant, archaeology professor who helps a number of those persecuted in Germany escape.

An excellent script, especially scenes involving Francis L. Sullivan as General von Graum, who is not impressed with England’s secret weapon, their sense of humour, while munching on chocolates. PG Wodehouse, Punch magazine, Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and Shakespeare, it all leaves him cold. But then Shakespeare is a German. Professor Schuessbacher has proved it once and for all.

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