Please be upstanding for the national anthem

John Redwood mimes the Welsh national anthem, when Welsh Secretary.

footballer’s style.

Apparently Roy Hodgson has told his England players that they have to sing the national anthem when it’s played before games and sing it with pride.

Well I don’t know if the message got through to many, if any, of them. Watching as the camera went down the line as the tune belted out most of those with three lions on their chest were what we in the UK would term John Redwooding it – Glen Johnson especially.

That is mouthing along some words that don’t quite fit with what should be sung…

…though you can excuse Redwood more than the England players as that guff is in Welsh whereas “God Save The Queen” is meant to be in the squad’s native language.

So for Roy’s boys here it is especially for them…

Er, God save our, you know, gracious Queen!
Long live, you know, our noble Queen!
God erm, save The, you know, Queen!
Send, you know, her victorious, err,
Happy, you know, and, you know, glorious,
Long err to reign, you know, over us:
God, you know, save The, you know, Queen!

Second verse… what do you mean you didn’t know there was a second verse…

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