A rather deflating transfer


It wasn’t who came in but rather who didn’t, who left and who stayed that made this transfer window somewhat lacklustre.

It was also somewhat confusing, why did he go, why was he so cheap, why is he still here and why haven’t you bought in that position and the big question who is making the decisions.

A number of moves the permanent are understandable. Livermore was really surplus to requirements, previously he was preferable to the likes of Scott Parker but now he was well down the pecking order. Dawson, much the same, a stop gap that didn’t stop any gaps recently. Oh how we’ll miss those aimless hoofs up the park. If you could get good money and £13m combined for the pair is decent enough then sell, sell, sell.

Falque was never in anyone’s plans it seems since he arrived in 2011, making one appearance in all that time and going out on loan or being injured the rest of it. So what ever they got they had to get.

Gylfi Sigurdsson was destined to be down the pecking order and a utility player, much like he was during his spell at the club. Always shunted out of position out on the left. Back at Swansea he’s scoring and creating just like he was to make Spurs buy him. Playing in his preferred position, running things. Well the money from him was used to buy the required left-back in Davies.

Davies part of the incoming that is understandable, a proper left-back was required. As was a decent, younger, back up ‘keeper which his former Swansea team-mate Vorm fits the bill. Not bad signing as a back up, especially for £5m.

Like above the rest filled spots that needed filling, mainly in defence. Dier, Yedlin – in the future – and Fazio for less than £15m looks good business. In front of them Stambouli looks to be the cut price Schneiderlin, very cut price. Less than £5m compared to £20m plus. You can’t argue with it really, the Southampton player looked vastly overpriced.

But you can argue with others. Holtby and Sandro going.

Luckily the former is on loan but I wouldn’t expect him to be back in a Spurs shirt at any time. Especially if as I expect he plays well for Hamburg. Some team over there will want him. And Spurs will miss him, even if so many have written him off as not good enough. When one of Chadli, Lamela or Eriksen go down injured they’ll find what not good enough is.

Never given a good run in the side, like Gylfi shifted left, right and centre, his contributions were always overlooked for fan favourites. Europa League he laid a number of goals on a plate for Defoe. The latter managed to actually score and it was all about him. Defoe, he’s a Yiddo they chant while totally forgetting who created it.

Sandro, the Beats, is no more. Sad, sad day. That really looks an awful deal. QPR paid less for him than Hull did for Livermore, hell he was only a million more than Dawson. Shockingly shoddy, chicken feed deal by a chicken shit chairman.

As stated in the Liverpool game post, Spurs were crying out for the Beast. Someone to put his foot in and the previous game in Europe showed he can do that. This he doesn’t fit into Pochettino’s quick forward style doesn’t wash. Sandro can get the ball forward as quick as anyone, he can also protect the ball and chase his mistakes down, unlike say Bentaleb.

Now you’ve got ‘Arry going on about he signed the kid from Brazil, triffic player. It’s funny old twitchy bollock face signed Sandro and Kranjcar for the 20th time, yet at Spurs they were the very last option. Both only played when no one else was available. Winger missing, play Niko. No, think I’ll stick Modric out wide. While Sandro when not being berated for having the audacity to score against Chelsea was overlooked for that dolt Parker.

What was that game, Spurs completely dominated, had knocking on 80% of the ball and in one half Sandro had about 7 tackles, more than Parker would get in a month. In one half while Spurs had all the ball. AVB’s first season, Sandro and Dembele the best central midfield partnership in the league.

Yes injuries have taken their toll on the Beast but Spurs always have trouble getting players back fit, it can’t all be the players problem. With Europe being important Holtby and Sandro would have played their part this season.

Which brings us to who is still here that shouldn’t. Long list. Adebayor, Naughton, Rose, Kaboul, Townsend, Lennon.

I believe someone was in for Naughton and yet Spurs didn’t let him go. Unbelievable from both sides. You can’t fathom any team wanting him and you can’t figure a team not biting their hand off when money was offered.

The same could be said on the other side but not only did Spurs keep Rose they gave him a new 5 year contract. Hopefully five years of sitting on the bench watching Davies rack up games. Hell even though they got £5m for Fryers I’d rather have kept him and let Rose go.

Chirches stayed but many were will to see him offloaded, I image a decent price and so would Levy, figures talked about were barely more than he cost. Where it would have been preferable to see Kaboul go. He’s not the player he was and at an age he probably never will be.

Townsend and Lennon. Oh it’s going to be fun when they come in for the front three. Lennon missing in action then putting in useless crosses. Townsend cutting inside and shooting over the bar ad nauseam. Listen to Townsend when he does his TV stints and he sounds bright enough, listen to Raheem Stirling and he sounds thick as they come. Yet one player has advanced, one has leaned his trade, the other is just ploughing on to nowhere. What Southampton offered should have been gratefully accepted, even if it included a player with a cruciate injury coming the other way.

Adebayor will mince about sometimes putting it in most of the time not. The Dimwits will love it when he salutes them and totally forget when he’s just fleeced them. Then will he play in the African Cup of Nations? If so he’ll bugger off early and arrive back well after Togo’s elimination, after his usual walkabout.

Thank god many didn’t get their wish and see Soldado sold off. Because it could be just him and Kane come soon enough and would you want your league campaign to depend on Harry? But will Roberto actually get any game time? And wasn’t there any strikers out there? Can’t say Welbeck filled me with joy but at least it would have been someone – though you think more Franny Jeffers than Thierry henry 😀

Want to back Pochettino but if he’s made these decisions you have to question them, if he didn’t then it’s another case of a manager that’ll get fed up sooner rather than later. Either way it’s not very good.

Oh and Benny looks to be back at the club, no doubt giving a straight arm salute.

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