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As Spurs again capitulated to Man Citeh it was a game full of Spursisms, missed chances, inept refereeing, needless sending off, individual errors, opposition player having a blinder it was only missing an own goal for the full house.

Well I asked before kick-off what was success for Spurs, not conceding in the first 14 seconds or letting in fewer than than six in total. Well on both accounts this 4-1 thumping was a great success.

There was a bright start, especially from the manager with the inclusion of Soldado at the expense of Adebayor. And even with his one big blip in the game if Pochettino didn’t see how better, faster, more joined up they looked going forward with the Spaniard and brings back the shyster for the next game then I despair.

With Soldado there was a crispness to the attack, well it helps when the player has a first touch that isn’t an embarrassment. But he only had two shots on goal scream the haters. Yes, he did, which is one less than Adebayor has managed in the previous three league outings combined.

When minutes in he played a glorious ball through a number of Citeh defenders it should have been finished off by Mason. It was a poor finish by the youngster and it was yet again it was an example of you wishing Soldado was on the end of a killer pass from himself. Why can’t the others play balls like that to him?

It was typical Spurs, spurning good chances, as was the fact that not long after that the home side should go ahead. And typical Spurs that the goal came originally from an individual error, Lamela, and that it shouldn’t have stood, as Aguero shimmied onto his right his shot flew past the considerable size of Fat Frank Lampard who was blocking Lloris’ vision in an offside position.

Not long later in a move very reminiscent of Spurs’ goal against Woolwich Spurs got themselves back into the game. Good work by Mason to disposes a dithering Fernando, quickly on to Soldado who moved it on to Eriksen for the equaliser.

Typical Spurs that shortly, four minutes, after the equaliser Citeh were gifted a non-penalty from the ref. The gravity around Fat Frank Lampard’s rather rotund arse being shifted by Lamela brushing past causing the fat one to fall over – after all someone like Frank would never dive would they. Aguero scores his second.

Fat Frank having done his business, crapped all over the game, then came a cropper as he was fouled by Mason, leading to his needing a stretcher to leave the pitch.

Not long after there was a legitimate penalty for the home side as Kaboul reverted to the bad Kaboul and slid in on Silva – who was along with Aguero running things. Hugo again proved his worth saving Aguero’s attempt with his feet.

For the next few minutes it looked like another equaliser was coming, another glorious through ball was played by Soldado that as before he needed to be on the end of. Eriksen was, Hart saved. Then Citeh looked more likely to extend their lead before the break.

It pretty much continued like this into the second half until there was one real gilt edged chance as the ref actually gave one Spurs’ way. Soldado muscled Demichelis off the ball and as he was running into the area, but technically before he got there, the Argentinian clipped the Spaniard’s heel and the ref pointed to the spot.

Here was his chance, just a goal needed to regain the confidence. But no. Unblemished record of spot kicks had gone and in so missing a penalty Soldado is surly now really a true Spurs player. Cue the abuse.

Cue the kind of morons that Sherwood would get on with as he led them, claiming Soldado should be used to the game here after being here a year. Conveniently forgetting that he hardly played after the Dim one back-stabbed his way into the job.

Pochettino had made changes before this. Dembele looked a good one for Capoue who was having a pretty nothing game. Never got to grips with Silva who should have been his main focus. Townsend was just another head shaker. Yes Lamela was having one of those error strewn either not enough composure or too much dithering performances but Townsend’s inept shots weren’t the answer.

Then the classic Spurs got back into full swing. What would a game like this be without a red card? Just six minutes after the missed penalty Aguero scored his second penalty out of three and Fazio was off to the dressing room. Some may argue, indeed many did that it wasn’t a red card. Not a clear goalscoring opportunity, except it was. Yes Aguero had to run a few yards and the ball had to get past a couple of Spurs’ defenders to get to him. Well the ball did and if Fazio hadn’t pulled him back he would have got there with ease.

If it wasn’t over before, it was now. Probably the big surprise being that playing 20 minutes with 10 men Aguero only scored one more and it was the only one Citeh got in that time, though Milner did hit the bar with a curler. Though it was typical that the final score should come from slack Spurs’ play.

You can question the boss over Fazio but Vertonghen was an injury doubt and quite frankly Aguero could have, probably would have run rings round him too, did so on the last goal. Having Mason in there is far preferable than Bentaleb. A serious lack of nothing sideways and needless back passes. Soldado deserved the 7.1 he got on WhoScored rather than the 5 you’ll see in your paper. Hugo again was probably Spurs’ man of the match, how long can they keep him with games like this?

The passing was piss poor. Some players, not looking at Eriksen in particular, the passing numbers are nearly always on the low side for the quality of player but the bollocking from his international manager may have had the desired effect for Spurs, it was one of his better outings of the season so far.

The ref was inept – don’t Spurs get ’em – and just another example of how far the standard has fallen in England. Watch an old highlights programme, The Big Match, and their main game is about 25-30 minutes and you’ll hardly see the ref at all watch Match Of The Day and their games are a maximum of 10 minutes and you see the ref more than any player. Whether it’s fat ones like this who struggle to keep up with play or those that just want to be the centre of attention. Just look at those retired refs that now have a media career. How many of them would you want reffing a game? How many do you think they believe the crowd was there to watch them?

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